Meghan Gardner
Director of Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship & NERF. 
Our After School Program runs out of our Burlington, MA facility (near the Burlington Mall) and provides transportation from and coverage for Woburn, Burlington, Lexington, Bedford and Billerica school systems. Our Wizards & Warriors and our NERF Zombie Summer Camps are based out of Westford's East Boston Camp as well as our full time facility in Burlington. We also provide weekly classes in swordsmanship and NERF tactics as well as Birthday Parties and special events for all ages. Our specialty is "unplugging" kids and teens from the computer and getting them physically and socially engaged in exciting and educational adventures where the story changes based on their decisions. For more information: www.GuardUp.com  Our full time facility with classes in fencing, Japanese swordsmanship, stage combat, NERF Tactics and more. www.MassachusettsAfterSchool.com  Our After School Program, what to expect and how it works. www.WizardsAndWarriorsCamp.com  Our Wizards & Warriors summer camp where campers fight monsters with foam swords, solve mysteries and win treasure. www.NerfZombieCamp.com  Our NERF summer camp where campers defend their village from zombies in a post apocalyptic wilderness. http://swordclasses.blogspot.com/   Blog about teaching methods, brain development and psychology of children and teens.  
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