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Ann McEvoy has been a photographer most of her life. Her first job involved working for the Norwood Messenger covering Norwood High School events. She then joined Bibby Photographers as a wedding assistant and moved quickly into photographing weddings. This was pre-digital and she worked with a Rolieflex 2 1/4 sq camera that only took 12 pictures at a time. After graduating from Bridgewater State College she joined Olan Mills where she learned the art of portraiture. While working for Olan Mills she won many awards for her portraits. She then trained others for the five years she was with the company before leaving to start a family.
Recently she has returned to photography in the digital age and spends most of her time photographing special events, weddings and family portraits. Her passion of photography comes from the desire to tell a story, to create empathy and to inspire people to make change.
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