Burlington Wins Thanksgiving Day Game

Burlington came out over Lexington 27-6 in the annual Thanksgiving game.

After a hard-fought battle by both teams Burlington beat out Lexington 27-6 in the annual Thanksgiving Day game.

Most of the scoring was done in the first half and the teams entered half-time 20-6. Burlington was able to score once again in the second half to cement the victory.

Burlington Coach Shawn Maguire said he was proud of the way his players took to the field with enthusiasm and dedication and for their performance in the game.

"I'm definitely proud of all our kids," Maguire said. "They definitely deserved it. This was one of their best efforts and our defense was awesome. I'm also very proud of all our seniors." 

Maguire added that it was a joy to coach this team throughout the year.

"These are some of the classiest, nicest guys," he said. "They are tremendous people."

Maguire said the Lexington team also played a hard game.

"We knew coming in that they were a talented group and they played well," he said. "It took a lot of work and dedication, but we took it to them."


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