Lexington AD Martin Suspended Over Doctored Email

A school department spokesperson confirmed today, Jan. 23, Naomi Martin will be suspended without pay, beginning tomorrow for fabricating information in an email to Middlesex League athletic directors.

Lexington Athletic Director Naomi Martin has been suspended without pay for one week after admitting she doctored portions of an email from a parent, which she included in her own communication with Middlesex League athletic directors.

The suspension begins tomorrow, Jan. 24, as the Globe has reported and a spokesperson for the Lexington Public Schools confirmed.

In the group email, sent on Nov. 15, Martin requests permission from her colleagues to allow Lexington to play a single-gender basketball schedule in order to bring the program into compliance with Title IX. She also states in the email that a Lexington parent had informed school officials threatened a lawsuit and was “prepared to file her complaint against the entire Middlesex League with the OCR.”

The Middlesex League subsequently changed its schedule, discontinuing the double-header format it had implemented in the mid-1990s and instead having boys and girls varsity teams playing in opposite locations. That decision was made Nov. 20 and upheld Dec. 4, after student athletes appealed to the ADs with another option.

The parent Martin purported to quote from in her email was Lexington resident Kathryn Robb. And, as it turns out, she never threatened to bring a suite against Lexington, let alone the whole league.

In interviews over the past two months, Robb has denied ever threatening a lawsuit and Martin declined comment.

On Jan. 19, Lexington Superintendent Paul Ash, in an email sent to the same athletic directors who received Martin’s Nov. 15 email, sought to “correct the record” by explaining Martin had misrepresented Robb and calling her actions “unacceptable.”

He wrote, in part:

In the email Naomi included statements that were intended to convince you of the urgency of making changes to the women’s basketball schedule - changes which would bring the League into compliance with Title IX. While I believe the email was well intentioned insofar as it was written to advance the League’s compliance with Title IX, Ms. Martin’s decision to strengthen her advocacy by falsely stating that the League had been threatened by a parent with both a lawsuit and negative publicity for non-compliance is unacceptable and must be corrected.

The same day, Martin emailed an apology to Robb. And today, Jan. 23, a spokesperson for the Lexington Public Schools confirmed Martin will be placed on unpaid leave for a week, beginning tomorrow, Jan. 24.

Check back with Patch tomorrow for more on this story.

Rick Jackson February 16, 2013 at 04:01 AM
Boys xCtry 7-0 Girls xCtry 6-0 Field Hockey 11-4-2 Football 4-7 Boys Golf 10-1 Boys Soccer 6-4-5 Girl's Soccer 9-8-3 Girl's Volleyball 8-11 Girls Swimming 0-3 Boys Hoop 9-13 Girl's Hoop 14-3 Boy's Hockey 5-13-1 Girl's Hockey 12-3-2 Boy's Track 4-2 Girl's Track 6-0 Boys Swimming undefeated Wrestling 1-5 Those are the records - some good, some bad, judge for yourself....everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Compare them to the rest of the league. Compare them to previous LHS Athletic Directors. Then make up your own mind - everyone who has posted here so far (me included) has their own bias, their own viewpoint, and their own agenda. But the records and information are there to be had. Go to a game - watch the way the coaches, kids, parents, and spectators behave, compete, and interact and then decide whether these programs represent our town well. If so, keep her. If not, make a change.
Carl Eric Easton February 16, 2013 at 03:37 PM
Varsity sports in the town of Lexington have been emasculated
TypicalLexingtonParent February 16, 2013 at 05:56 PM
Girls sports look good, mens sports not good. I guess that is what they brought martin in for. Barely over 500
Hilary Eagan February 17, 2013 at 01:32 AM
I guess if you have a boy that plays individual (not team) sports or a girl playing team sports, you would be happy. One thing I have noticed - if you are a freshman girl you can play and start at the varsity level, but not so for boys.
TypicalLexingtonParent February 17, 2013 at 05:27 PM
Hilary, this is true. However, it usually is a very bad sign if a freshman is starting on varsity. Esp. in the contact sports


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