Burlington Resident Studies — and Sails — Around the World

The ship trip visited Vietnam, China and more as part of global study-abroad program.

Excerpted from ReadMedia: Joe Peterson of Burlington is one of nearly 570 students who sailed this spring with Semester at Sea (SAS), the U.S. shipboard program for international study.

Peterson is a student at University of New Hampshire.

The students finished a 105-day voyage to 12 countries around the globe. This 108th voyage of Semester at Sea departed Nassau, The Bahamas, on January 19 and traveled to Dominica, Brazil, Ghana, South Africa, Mauritius, India, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Japan, and Hawaii. The voyage ended in San Diego on May 2.

SAS students use the world as a classroom, studying on a ship fitted with classrooms, a computer lab, and the world's largest floating library. In each port city, students travel alongside their professors to locations and destinations that directly relate to course material. SAS students get the unique opportunity to see the world from a floating campus while earning college credit from their courses on the ship.

Semester at Sea is a premier global study abroad program based in the United States. Since it began in 1963, more than 45,000 college students and lifelong learners have participated in the program, which travels more than 60,000 nautical miles around the world each year. During its 45-year history, Semester at Sea has made 99 voyages and has achieved a number of significant milestones, including groundbreaking visits to countries such as the former Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, Cuba, and Myanmar (also known as Burma). Participants have met with prominent leaders including Fidel Castro, Anwar Sadat, Indira Gandhi, Mikhail Gorbachev, Corazon Aquino, Sidi Mohammed, Mother Teresa, Bishop Desmond Tutu, and Nelson Mandela.

On the web: http://readabout.me/achievements/Joe-Peterson-of-Burlington-is-One-of-10-UNH-Students-That-Sailed-Around-the-World-on-Semester-at-Sea/3899055.

Karla Vallance May 14, 2012 at 08:13 PM
I studied on Semester at Sea as a university student and had just an amazing experience. Joe, we'd be happy to hear any comments you have on your trip!


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