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No Tattling on Bullies!

This is a must read for all concerned Attleboro residents and parents.

It has come to my attention that an unofficial "No Tattletale" policy is being implemented in my child's elementary school and possibly throughout the Attleboro school district.

One day, my child came home from school crying. When we asked what happened, she said another student had hit her at school. We asked if she let the teacher know and she said she had not. My child went on to tell us that if you tell on someone for hitting you and the other person denies it, both parties are punished.

My child has been hit several times by the same student and nothing has been done about it. This "No Tattletale" policy is not consistent with this district's policy on reporting bullying, which states the following:


Students who believe they are a target of bullying, observe an act of bullying or who have reasonable grounds to believe that these behaviors are taking place are obligated to report incidents to a member of the school staff or administration. The target shall, however, not be subject to discipline for failing to report bullying.

The keywords are "obligated to report incidents to a member of the school staff or administration." Punishing children for doing what the rule says to do is not right. They claim they can do this "No Tattletale" policy under the Attleboro Public Schools' Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan. But nowhere is it written or implied that a child is to be disciplined for telling on another. This policy deters children from reporting violence toward them and places them at a higher risk for harm.

When we tried to bring this issue forward to resolve it, the school district administration made us meet in private in an attempt to keep this issue from the pubic. If this policy is permissible and follows all guidelines and laws, why is it not written down for all to see? And why have we had to talk about it only behind closed doors?

We are asking that all Attleboro residents and parents please contact the Attleboro School Committee members and demand that there be a public hearing on this matter. Without your help, our children will continue to be bullied and nothing will be done about it by the administration. Someone needs to answer why they have chosen to act against their own public policy privately. Without your calls and/or emails, that will never happen.

Demand answers. It's your right!

To discuss this further, post a message in the comments section below, send an email to GetAnswers@comcast.net  or go to badpolicygetanswers.forumotion.com.


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Just sayin' June 05, 2012 at 02:19 AM
Oh how I hope this entry of r. diaz is satire. Advocating violence in preschool? Sure, the other kid shouldn't have taken the crayon, but that child would have been 3 or 4 - this is a learning opportunity for both to develop social and coping skills. How are they going to learn how to deal with adversity if they are not put into adverse situations? Be glad this crayon stealing happened in a controlled, safe environment where there are responsible adults to teach these skills to deal with adversity in a healthy way when the situation presents itself. Or shall we surround our kids in PBA-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, dye-free, trans-fat-free, hypo-allergenic bubble wrap with no artificial sweeteners or flavors?
paul June 05, 2012 at 11:38 AM
As parents it is also a good idea to teach your children self defense. You and the teachers are not always going to be around. Forget about the tattling, what if your child gets hurt because they are totally depended on parents saving them all the time. Mine takes karate and god help the boy that tries to cop a feel.
Melanie Davis Pedersen June 05, 2012 at 12:27 PM
@ A. Lamsis and Just sayin' that's pretty much what I was saying. lol Just trying to use words everyone could understand. @ Paul, I hear hear what you are saying as well, my son took Tae Kwon do. Not only does Martial Arts teach self defense but also discipline and respect. All good things!! :)
Sarah Curtis June 09, 2012 at 04:40 AM
If this is the Rebecca from North Attleboro that is writing all these posts please email me!! It's Damien's mom Sarah! Arkmjkr23@gmail.com We are in Attleboro now too and oh boy I can't wait to chime in on this!!
MDubuc June 12, 2012 at 06:59 PM
Schools not dealing with tattle tailing can lead to more serious issues later on. How many stories have we heard about students being bullied and tortured enough so that they retaliate. Children told not to tattle, but keep taking the brunt of bullies at school can lead to destructive behavior. Have we not forgot the killings at other schools. Children who have been teased and picked on. If the teachers do not stop this early in a childs school years, then the same child will continue to be picked on until he/she snaps. Every issue should be investigated and not left to children to decide how to handle it. We are promoting bad behaviors. Children should not be making adult decisions. The teachers should guid them and not dismiss the problem. I can see how a crayon situation between preschoolers can turn into a fight. Have you ever seen preschoolers fight over toys. Adults have to intervene to stop the behavior, not just say "I don't want to hear it, it is tattle tailing." This leads to the students taking it into their own hands and at a school age, they do not have the reasoning and deductioning skills like an adult. We can't expect them to handle the situation in an adult manner. The schools are responsible for the safety of every child in their care. If they do not want to deal with children reporting others for wrong doing, then maybe they are in the wrong profession.


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