Virginia Mooney Throws Hat in Ring for Murphy's Seat

Former Burlington Selectman and Town Meeting member Virginia Mooney is looking to fill the 21st Middlesex District State Representative seat.

The race to fill the 21st Middlesex District State Representative seat is getting more competitive by the day.

Former Burlington Selectman and current Town Meeting member Virginia Mooney has put her name up for consideration to replace outgoing representative Charles Murphy. Mooney will be running a sticker campaign for the Sept. 6 primary against fellow Democrats and Ken Gordon (). The ballot will only show Murphy's name, but he is not running, so voters must write-in their choice.

The 21 Middlesex District includes the towns of Burlington, Bedford and Precinct 3 of Wilmington.

Mooney has been a Town Meeting member for 36 years and was a member of the Board of Selectmen from 1988 to 1991. She has also volunteered on the Housing Partnership Committee, the Burlington Finance Committee and the B-Line Advisory Committee among other positions. She has also held state appointments, including the By-Law Review Committee and spots in the Democratic party and she has volunteered for many organizations in town.

"There are many important decisions we will make in the elections that will affect all of us for years to come," Mooney said in a written statement. "The individuals elected in 2012 are crucial to the future of state government. You hold the key to that future. Presently the House of Representatives is not guided by the democratic way on procedures - all major decisions are made by one person, the Speaker of the House. We don't need a dictatorship, we need a steering committee which would nominates candidates for Speaker and committee chairmen and then elect these officers in a democratic way. We as voters share the responsibility of electing candidates who are dedicated to reform and will work to restore decency and common sense to government by allowing representatives the same rights we have when we enter the voting booth and cast our secret ballots."

Mooney said she would like to invite voters to join her on five commons causes.

"One, to strengthen the future of our state by continuing the restructuring of state government, our legislation and judicial system," she said. "Two, divorcing ourselves from organizations and private interest groups that support candidates for self-serving purposes. Three, elect representatives whose only allegiance is to the people who elected him or her, not political alliances. Provide new ideas to solve old problems and, finally, to re-establish trust and confidence in state government by weeding out the people who have lost touch with the concerns of the people of Massachusetts." 

Mooney said there is much work to be done with job stimulation, education and its financing, health insurance for the elderly and low-income families, revision of the tax laws, hazardous waste, energy preservation, crime and law enforcement and funding to cities and towns.

"I make no false promises if I am elected," she said. "only that I will work hard for changes in state government and represent the the towns of Burlington, Bedford and Wilmington to the best of my ability. If you want a representative of the people and for the people then you will vote fore me."

For more information visit her web site at www.virginiaemooney.com


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