Selectmen Celebrate the Girl Scouts; Four Scouts Recite Girl Scout Promise and Law

The Girl Scouts celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the organization this month and the selectman celebrated all the organization does for the community and the girls involved.

Last night's Burlington Board of Selectmen meeting began with a special recognition of the history of the Girl Scouts and four local scouts were on hand to recite a pledge and receive new levels within the organization.

Selectman Robert Hogan read a proclamation in honor of the Girl Scouts, acknowledging the great work the organization does both in the community and for the girls and young women who participate in it. The special honor was also in celebration of the 100-Year Anniversary of the Girl Scouts.

"Whereas since the Girl Scouts were founded 100 years ago this month, generations of girls have promised to serve God and their country and to help people at all times. And since the inaugural Troop of 18 girls was was formed in Georgia, by founder Juliette Gordon Low, and whereas today's membership stands at 3.2 million Girl Scouts and whereas to celebrate 100th Anniversary, Girl Scouts past and present all over the country stood together on March 12, in the Promise Circle and, whereas, Juliette Gordon Low's initial goal of 100 years ago, to bring girls out of their isolated home environment has met and surpassed its mark and has stood the test of time," Hogan read. 

"Burlington Board of Selectmen Do Hereby acknowledge and celebrate, with great appreciation, the effort and dedication of Burlington Girl Scouts and their parents and teachers on this, their 100th Anniversary, and, that the Board of Selectmen encourage all of its citizens to join us in recognizing these extraordinary young women and their extraordinary volunteers."

Burlington Girl Scout Service Unit Coordinator and Leader of Troop 71590 Suzanne Raposo spoke at the meeting, and began by thanking the board for the recognition and then highlighted some of the positive things about the scouts.

"It is an honor to be recognized in this manner," she said. "In Burlington we have 23 troops of girls from kindergarten to seniors in high school with over 250 members. Our girls do many service-oriented projects, including bringing gifts to the Senior Center and others to bring a smile. They learn cookies, craft and camps - the foundations of what we hope to bring to the girls to develop girls of strong character, confidence and courage."

Raposo also acknowledged the four scouts (pictured above) who came in front of the Board of Selectmen to recite the Girl Scout Promise and Law at the meeting.

"These girls stepped out of their norm to be here and it was a great achievement," she said.

Raposo also acknowledged all of the adults who work with the Girl Scouts to help teach the values of the organization and create strong leaders for tomorrow.

"We have very strong adult leadership here that support the girls throughout all of their endeavors," she said.

Chair of the board Walter Zenkin also celebrated the organization and the scouts at the meeting. 

"I want to say congratulations to the girls, great job," he said. "Also a big thanks  to all the leaders, because otherwise this wouldn’t happen. This is what makes Burlington so special."

The four girls who recited the Girl Scout Promise and Law at the meeting are:

  • Kristina Ryan - A 12th Grade Student, Member of Troop 77234, a Girl Scout Senior.
  • Christina Raposo - A Sixth Grade Student, Member of Troop 71590, a Girl Scout Cadette.
  • Marissa Cormier - A Fifth Grade Student, Member of Troop 77321, a Girl Scout Junior.
  • Gabrielle Mallard - A Second Grade Student, Member of Troop 75017, a Girl Scout Brownie.

Congratulations to all of the girls listed above and all the Girl Scouts on the organizations 100th Anniversary.

Also, final note, Raposo said the currently has a display on the history of the Girl Scouts. Everyone is invited to check it out and learn about the organization.





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