Milton Election Results 2012

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Update- Today’s federal and state elections are hotly contested, but here in Milton, one of the most discussed ballot items is Question 4: whether the town should adopt the Community Preservation Act.

In yards and near polling places today, the white and blue of the “Yes on 4” signs and the green and white of the “Vote No on Question 4” signs were prominent in Milton.

Steve Fruzzetti, a Town Meeting Member from Precinct 7, held signs urging residents to vote against the measure today on Edge Hill Road.

“Our taxes are high enough,” said Fruzzetti. “I think we should keep our taxes in the general fund instead of earmarking them for something.”

At Milton High School, Tom Callahan was showing support for Question 4.

“I think it’s good for Milton,” Callahan said.

He pointed to the act’s designated areas of green space, historical preservation and reasonably-priced housing are needed in Milton. Callahan also supports the fact that the state would match funds on more than 25 percent of Milton’s contribution.

“The state doesn’t give away money that often,” said Callahan.

How did you vote on Question 4?

Update- Late afternoon lines began to form at Milton High School's Precinct 9 and more sign holders gathered at polling locations. Here are the photos.

Update- Milton Resident Bob Jubinville, a candidate for Governor's Council, shared some insight into the busy day of a candidate.

Update- Before 11 a.m. on Tuesday, Tricia Murray stood on Edge Hill Road with a sign for Republican Senator Scott Brown in her right hand and one for Democratic Congressman Stephen Lynch in her left hand. “I want to show you can split the ticket and be a true independent,” Murray said as cars drove into the Cunningham Hall parking lot.

Update- Photos of Milton supporters sharing their messages with voters on election day.

Update- Patch Editor Tony Catinella reported packed rooms and a full parking lot at Cunningham Hall around 11 a.m. on election day. While at the location for Precincts 3 and 7, Catinella saw mothers with young children and an elderly man with an oxygen tank waiting to fill out a ballot.

What are you seeing at the polls in Milton?

Update- Turnout at the polls in Milton has been steady this morning with some lines forming, especially early. Milton resident and Governor’s Council Candidate Bob Jubinville has seen a similarly large turnout in Governor’s Council District 2.

“There’s a lot of enthusiasm in this election and it’s showing at the polls,” Jubinville said from his Milton office on Tuesday.

He had already been campaigning in Sharon, Milton and Franklin and has plans to visit Boston, Stoughton and Randolph later today.

Update- Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick was at the polls around 8 this morning at the Milton Council on Aging. Gov. Patrick, his wife Diane and his daughter Katherine waited among the many Precint 2 voters at the Senior Center. See the photos, here.


     Race       Democratic Candidates Results Republican Candidates Results 3rd Party Candidate Results U.S. President





U.S. Senate

Elizabeth Warren

8,429 Scott Brown 7,364 U.S. Congress District 7

Mike Capuano

Karla Romero 816 U.S. Congress District 8
Stephen Lynch 8,872 Joe Selvaggi 2,113
Robert Jubinville 10,807 Earl Sholley 2,859
Answer Results Answer Results
Question 1: 'Right to Repair' Yes 11,194 No 1,669 Question 2: Prescription of Life-Ending Medication Yes 6,639 No 8,628 Question 3: Medical Marijuana Yes 9,057 No 6,157

Question 4:

Community Preservation Act   Yes 6,454  No 8,255



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