Meet Town Clerk Amy Warfield

Warfield brings a strong background in technology and training to the department

In April Burlington welcomed a new Town Clerk. Amy Warfield was elected and immediately confronted one of the biggest challenges a Town Clerk can face.  Just a couple of weeks into Warfield’s term, she of the closest local election anyone can remember, and did so with calm professionalism.   The recount process went smoothly and the election results were confirmed with Selectman winning the seat by a margin of just four votes.

Amy Warfield moved to Burlington in 1983 because it was an affordable, family-oriented community with a wide array of activities for her daughter. While she holds a degree in education, Amy spent most of her early career in high technology. Her background in both technology and education eventually led her to start her own business providing training and consulting services primarily in the area of graphic arts.

From the start, Warfield involved herself in local government contributing as a Town Meeting Member and serving two terms on the Board of Library Trustees. In June 2005, Warfield joined the Town Clerk’s office on a part time basis where her technology know-how was quickly put to use.

Warfield’s father was an astronautical engineer for the U.S. Air Force. He worked on the design and engineering of GPS systems.”

“My father taught me that technology is a tool, not a solution,” said Warfield. “I have always been interested in how you get people to use that tool.”

As Burlington’s new Town Clerk, Warfield intends to draw on her strong technology background to continually improve her department.  The Town Clerk’s office is primarily responsible for keeping, tracking and certifying all of the town’s business.  The office keeps birth and marriage certificates, dog licenses, building records, business certificates and more. The many other town offices and boards make decisions about Burlington. It is the Town Clerk’s responsibility to keep the official record of those decisions.  

The other part of Warfield’s job is communication.  The Town Clerk’s office communicates with Town Meeting and all the Town’s boards.  Warfield also acts as the webmaster for the Town website and is determined to keep it up-to-date, accurate and relevant.

According to Warfield, the hardest part of the job so far is simply prioritizing the many needs, and finding time to think strategically.

“I love problem solving,” said Warfield. “I want to put my skills to use to find not just tactical solutions, but also to develop long-term strategic solutions to the issues facing municipalities today.”

Warfield also wants to develop more meaningful communication between departments. She believes this leads to better solutions that work for everyone.  The strategy is already working she said and explained how the addition of a new town meeting precinct has spurred multiple departments to work together on one mapping solution that will work for town meeting, zoning and aquiver mapping.

What Warfield most wants the residents of Burlington to know is that the Town Clerk’s office is a resource for them.

“Look at our web site,” urged Warfield. “And if you can’t find what you need, ask us. We’re here to help.”

For more information on the Town Clerk's office or other town offices, visit www.burlington.org.

Faydeen Sateriale May 11, 2011 at 02:32 PM
Amy Warfield is a great asset to the Town of Burlington!!! I am looking forward to many years of service so she can keep all of us "on track". Congratulations, Amy! Faydeen Sateriale TMM Precinct 3 ... and then some?!?


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