Letter: Write in Walter Zenkin This Thursday at Primary

A letter from Walter Zenkin on why voters should write his name in on the Republican primary ballot this Thursday.

The following is a letter from Burlington selectman and Walter Zenkin:

I am running for state rep to bring integrity and common sense to Beacon Hill. For too long the needs of hardworking people in Burlington, Bedford and Wilmington have been ignored. We must firmly reject the culture of corruption that exists on Beacon Hill and repudiate practices that favor the politically-connected few. 

As a two-term selectman in Burlington, I’ve demonstrated a commonsense approach that I plan to bring to the state house. I understand the delicate balance of financing public services without punishing the taxpayer or stifling the local businesses providing our residents with jobs. It can be a tightrope act at times, and is exacerbated in challenging economic times like these, but I’ve drawn upon my experience as a small business owner to guide me in making the right choices.

I will work to limit growth of state government and control spending. We can’t continue raising taxes and imposing higher fees to finance the state. By examining how the state government is spending money, I promise to be responsible with our tax dollars. Poorly managed programs ought to be eliminated, and private sector alternatives should be implemented when practical.

My parents raised me in Burlington, and I’m proud to be a product of this community in so many ways. My wife and I made a conscious decision to raise our four children in this community where they attend the same public school system I once did. It is my priority to keep our community affordable for today and for the futures of our children.

Please help me continue the pursuit of this goal by writing my name in on the Republican primary ballot Thursday, September 6th.   

For more information please visit http://www.walterzenkin.com.


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