Letter to the Editor: Thank You to Voters and Supporters

A letter to the editor from newly-elected Selectman Mike Runyan.

To The Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the voters of Burlington for their confidence and trust that I will represent the community in a fair and equitable manner. The office of Selectmen comes with many responsibilities, none more important than the ability to listen. I promise to do just that.

So many people to thank for their hard work and support but perhaps the most important person is my wife Lisa who has been my encouragement for three years, despite knowing the nature and commitment of a campaign. To my children and family members; thank you for being there for me again. I am very proud to be your father, brother, uncle, son in law and brother in law. I would be remiss not to acknowledge Don Flaherty (Manager) for his passionate pursuit of a successful campaign and the long friendship I have enjoyed with Steve Vaccaro (Treasurer). The “Perfect Attendance Award” goes to my friend “Moose” who stood with me for ten consecutive mornings and afternoons along Cambridge Street and to Gerry Patrick goes the award of "Mr. Microphone." There are just too many friends to acknowledge in a letter but you know who you are and so don’t I; thank you!

Anyone who chooses to be part of the democratic process is choosing to be part of the solution and deserves applause. I applaud and congratulate Mr. Patuto who will begin his third term as Selectman and I thank Mr. DiTucci for his years of service to Burlington and wish him well in future endeavors.  


Mike Runyan


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