Letter to the Editor: Burlington Board of Selectmen Opposes MBTA Cuts

A letter to the editor and the MBTA leadership from Burlington Town Administrator Robert Mercier on behalf of the Board of Selectmen.

To whom it may concern:

The Burlington Board of Selectmen, along with the Burlington Public Transit Authority, strongly oppose the elimination of MBTA Routes 350, 351 and 352, the elimination of the Suburban Transit Program, and excessive fare increases for The Ride, under by the MBTA.

We strongly oppose the elimination of Burlington's Suburban Transit Program subsidy, which is a critical component of our community both residential and commercial. It is extremely important for people who commute from other communities who work in Burlington, in particular, at the and the . It will make it extremely difficult for Burlington residents who must use public transportation to get to their work in surrounding towns and Boston. If Burlington loses the MBTA subsidy, there is a good possibility that we would not be able to fund the Burlington Public Transit System.

Burlington Transit also connects with the LRTA system which transports people into Burlington who work at the Lahey Clinic and the Burlington Mall and those that need to connect with the Burlington Public Transit system, along with the MBTA Routes 350, 351 and 352 to get to their employment in Boston.

We oppose the elimination of the MBTA Routes 350, 351 and 352 as it would affect, not only those people who work in Boston, but also those who work in Burlington and come from the city. This will adversely affect our economic growth and development as public transportation is an integral part of our economic growth.

We oppose these cuts and strongly urge the MBTA to pursue legislative action for funding, along with affordable fare increases, in order to maintain the public transportation system in Burlington.


Robert Mercier

Town Administrator


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