Letter: Thank You Burlington for Grand View Farm Decision

A letter to the editor on the recent Town Meeting votes to support the Grand View Farm Project.

The following is a letter to the editor:

On behalf of the Grand View Farm Advisory Committee we want to express our sincere appreciation to the Burlington Town Meeting Members. At the recent Town Meeting on January 28, 2013 three Articles were passed for the Grand View Farm. With these articles, the complex will now enter the final phase of construction.  

The Grand View Farm project began in the late 1990s with a three way land swap. Ownership of this 200 year old connected farm house complex was transferred to the Town at that time. Since then, various fund raising efforts, sale of lots from the land swap, state grants and other funding sources have advanced the project to where it is today. With the positive votes at Town Meeting, the project is now clear to complete all phases of the interior building and exterior grounds, resulting in a usable facility. The tentative schedule is for the complex to be available for use by the spring of 2014.

The list of people and organizations to thank, past and present over the years, is lengthy. Town Officials, volunteers, businesses, residents, civic groups, school teachers, and others all spent time, and effort to advance this project to where it is today. We want to thank them all for their support over the years. We want to extend a special thank you to the students and teachers of the Shawsheen Valley Vocational Technical High School. For three years they have donated their time and skills to complete the interior of the main building. This provided valuable hands on experience for the students, and has contributed to the overall project staying under budget. 

We are all looking forward to attending a meeting, class, family event, civic event, or just visiting the complex on a day when it is open with an event on the Common.     

With the completion of this project, Burlington has restored a major piece of history. Burlington has also made History. As time passes, residents will look back and be thankful this complex was restored.   

Thank You Town Meeting Members!

Thank You Burlington!

- Nick Rubino, Chairman

Grand View Farm Advisory Committee


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