Letter: Middlesex Commons Ownership in Favor of Target Project

A letter from Edens Senior Project Manager Keith Hague on the proposed Target and traffic mitigation plan.

The following is a letter from Edens (owner of Middlesex Commons) Edens Senior Project Manager Keith Hague shared by The Gutierrez Company. Find the original here.

As owners of the Middlesex Commons Shopping Center we have completed a thorough review of all plans, reports and analysis provided to us by your traffic engineer VHB. After further review of this data by our own traffic engineer, MDM Transportation, as well as follow up review meetings with yourself and VHB, we feel the proposed traffic mitigation measures will be a significant improvement to the traffic flow along Middlesex Turnpike. With the additional directional signage we discussed for Old Concord Road, we are confident that these measures will improve access and traffic flow in and out of Middlesex Commons resulting in a benefit to our property and to our customers.

I appreciate the efforts you have made to address our concerns and wish you the best of luck in obtaining approval for your development and brining much needed traffic improvements to Middlesex Turnpike.


Keith Hague
Senior Project Manager

J. Parker May 22, 2012 at 09:23 PM
Seems we have "birds of a feather" here ! I wish that Mr. Hague would consider putting in a path directly across from Eugene Rd. so that those of us elders could walk to Middlesex Mall rather than try to find a parking space. Or better yet, keep from getting run over by speeders thru the parking lot ! It's pretty bad when an 85 yr. old gets her foot run over, is laid up for over 3 months, and still is not healed. No consumers, no money Mr. Hague. Right now it seems you are doing very well. Why not have a little more compassion for your customers and fix the opening to your facility yourselves? Thank the Lord for the Town Meeting Members! I'm so proud of them!!!!


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