Zenkin and Gordon to Square Off for 21st Middlesex District State Rep Seat

Kenneth Gordon beat out David Fionda and Virginia Mooney in the contested Democratic primary.

The section of the ballot on the Nov. 6 general election for the 21st Middlsex District State Representative seat has been set.

Vice Chair of the Bedford Zoning Board and attorney , D-Bedford, will face Burlington Selectman , R-Burlington, for the seat being left vacant by retiring Rep. Charles Murphy. 

The 21 Middlesex District includes the towns of Burlington, Bedford and Precinct 3 of Wilmington.

Gordon beat out fellow Democrats David Fionda, of Burlington, and Virginia Mooney, also of Burlington, in the Massachusetts State Primary yesterday. While Fionda had a 454 to 257 lead in the Burlington polls, Bedford came out in strength for Gordon, giving him 655 votes.

In total, including votes in Burlington, Bedford and Wilmington, Gordon garnered 919 votes, Fionda received 592 votes and Mooney received 41 votes. Murphy, who had stated he was not running prior to the primary, still received 724 votes.

What was unique about this race was that Murphy was the only name on the ballot. All the other candidates had to to get on the ballot.

"We worked hard in both towns and we knew that voters were coming out strong in Bedford," Gordon said after the election.

Gordon also said he would like to thank those who worked for his candidacy.

"The people involved in our campaign worked so hard for the last few weeks, getting together to accomplish what we all thought was very important," he said. "It goes to show what hard work and teamwork can do when everyone works for a single goal."

Gordon also said he was proud to run against his two opponents and that he looks forward to facing Zenkin in the general election.

"I was proud to campaign with David Fionda and Virginia Mooney, it was a rewarding experience," he said. "I also want to congratulate Walter on his campaign. I think I'll have good discussions on the issues with Walter and it will be an interesting campaign."

On the Republican side there was also a write-in campaign by . He  needed to garner at least 150 votes to be on the Nov. 6 ballot and he did so handily in Burlington alone with 458 votes.

"I'm very happy and would like to thank everyone who came out to help me and to vote for me," Zenkin said. "I'm ready for the rest of the race."

Alex Bonnar September 07, 2012 at 09:56 AM
I've lived in Burlington since 2007, and this was the first election that the candidate (Ken Gordon) called me in person.
J. Parker September 07, 2012 at 05:39 PM
Why in the world do people that don't know who they are voting for bother to vote?! Imagine Murphy getting 724 votes ! How stupid can people be? Remember that guy in Arlington that got hundreds of votes after being convicted of a crime and was on the ballet even though he wasn't in the running any longer? DAH
tim September 23, 2012 at 09:11 PM
Go Ken!


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