UPDATED: Framingham Election Results 2012 (Wednesday with numbers)

Rep. Tom Sannicandro has won re-election to the 7th Middlesex District seat.

Stay with Framingham Patch all day as we update this article with news and information from the polls and live election results after 8 p.m.

UPDATED: Framingham Town Clerk posted unofficial results at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 7



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Framingham Updates From The Polls


     Race       Democratic Candidates Results Republican Candidates Results 3rd Party Candidate Results U.S. President


Romney-Ryan 8,938

U.S. Senate
Elizabeth Warren
Scott Brown

U.S. Congress

Edward Markey

Tom Tiereney

State Senate
Karen Spilka

6th Middlesex State Rep.

Chris Walsh


7th Middlesex State Rep. Tom Sannicandro 4,701
Jon Fetherston 1,214

13th Middlesex State Rep.
Thomas Conroy

Middlesex Sheriff
Peter Koutoujian 17,925
Ernesto Petrone 4,557

Governor's Council District 2
Robert Jubinville 16,576
Earl Henry Sholley 6,980

Answer Results Answer Results

Question 1: 'Right to Repair' Yes 21,028
No 3,376

Question 2: Prescription of Life-Ending Medication Yes 13,447
No 13,153

Question 3: Medical Marijuana Yes 17,040
No 9,390

UPDATED at 9:23pm

Rep. Tom Sannicandro has won re-election. Unofficially Sannicandro won all 6 precincts in Framingham and a majority of precincts in Ashland (possibly all).

Patch will have more soon.


8:01 p.m. The polls are closed. Town Clerk's office said results may be available after 9:30. Hand counting will be needed at some precincts.

Somer McLean reported "she was the last voter at precinct 14! Grand total 1,500."

At the Memorial Building, people still coming in at a regular pace to vote, but no lines at 7 p.m.

Nicole DiFoggio Rose tells Framingham Patch that just before 7 p.m. her "husband was 2052" at Potter Road Elementary.

My husband reported he was voter #964 at Precinct 15 at 6:30 p.m. with no line. That is a much higher voter turnout for that precinct than in the spring town elections, but low compared to other precincts today.

Nanci Small  said she "Arrived at McCarthy just after 6pm and was out by 6:08. That included walking back to my car. I've never had a problem there after work."

Magda Janus posted on Framingham Patch facebook she was voter "#1243 around 6 p.m. at Precinct 13. My vote almost didn't count. The machine "told" me so and I had to ask someone to retreive my ballot and re-insert it into the machine. The only reason I noticed it - I wanted to know what # my ballot was. Wondering how many people do not pay attention to the counter and their ballots do not get counted? It took several minutes because there was another problem: a woman was unable to cast her ballot because someone else checked her name off before she was done voting. ..."

Charlie Pasewark tell us at 5:25 p.m. he voted at Keefe Tech and no lines. He said he was in and out in about 10 minutes.

Just before 5 p.m., Meri Phillips ‏tweeted to @FraminghamPatch "Town Hall voting is a quick right now. One of the ballot boxes jammed but they got it fixed fast. Good job over here!"

At 4:30 p.m. at McCarthy Elementary Precinct 8 had 1,328 voters and Precinct 13 had 1,083 voters. People were waiting to use the area vote in Precinct 8.

At the King Administration Building at 4 p.m., Precinct 3 (saxonville) was 1,273 voters and Precinct 9 at 876.

It was a steady stream of cars coming into the driveway at the King Administration building. They were greeted by campaigners for Ernesto Petrone and incumbent Peter J. Koutoujian for Sheriff - none of the sign holders were from Framingham - instead Everett and Cambridge. 

Maureen Hoye McCarthy said she was "In and out at Potter Rd at 4pm. Ballot box jammed;they were having us put them in on the side? Seems like many ballet boxes were acting up today, hope this doesn't impact the election!"

Cariann Steenbruggen tells Framingham Patch Potter Road Elementary "is at 1437 as of 3:30 p.m. and the auto counter is now down. We have 2,700 able to vote here so already well over 50% turn out."

2:45 p.m. Voting at Precinct 1 at Hemeneway Elementary School has been brisk all day. Highest total I've seen. 1,440 voters at 2:45 p.m.

Cindy Turner posted on Framingham Patch Facebook "Apparently the machines (at least at Hemenway) are not programmed to accept ballots with write ins. It spit mine right back out into my daughter's hands. He had to put it aside to be collected by the clerk separately. The man said I was the first write in of the day (at around 1:30 or so). I'm quite proud of that."

Hemenway PTO bake sale had lots to offer. Baklava was tempting, almost took the fruit cup; but instead sitting at Cj"s Northside Grill updating and downloading photos.

Oak Neighborhood resident Josh Mulready reported he was voter #791 in Precinct 3 (Saxonville) at 12:15 p.m.

Barry Kling wrote on Framingham Patch Facebook page "King was crowded..Moved pretty quickly.. Voting machine for precinct 9 wasn't accepting ballots automatically. There was a policeman taking them from the voters and putting them in the machine. ..."

Reader reports "Voted around 11:30am at Walsh (Middle School) and the machine was down. We had to put our sheets into a side pocket and the man putting them in told us that the machien wasn't working, not to worry, that our votes would be counted.

Editor's Note: Framingham has 36,957 registered voters.

At 11:45 a.m. Town Meeting member Bob Bolles was the lone sign holder at McCarthy Elementary School. He was holding a Jon Fetherston and Scott Brown sign.

Inside voting was picking up, as it was close to lunch time.

Prcinct 13 at 637 voters and Precinct 8 had 828 as of 11:55 a.m. 

People also need to learn to read road signs -- witnessed two vehicles entering MCcarthy lot where it says "Do Not Enter."

At the Memorial Building, the lone campaigner outside was Town Meeting member Caraline Levy with a Warren sign at the rotary.

Inside at 11:25 a.m. there were 459 voters at precinct 12 and 308 voters at Preinct 14.

At 11:10 At St. T's voting was higher than a town election but still fairly low. At Precinct 15, I was voter number 381. and There were 298 voters at Precnct 18 by 11:15 a.m.

Ingrid Peschke reported "Short lines at Hemenway at 11am and everyone was nice. I was something like #605."

At about 11 a.m.  Susan Wasserman Gordon wrote on the Framingham Patch Facebook page "I was a poll watcher at King School, for three and a half hours. Precinct 9 machine is not working much of the time because ballots don't fit. The ballots that didn't make it into the machine will be counted manually at the end of the day. Heavy voting there. I am concerned."

10:30 a.m. At Brophy Elementary School parking lot was busy but no lines to vote. Precinct 7 had 631 voters and Precinct 4 had 724. 

Surprisingly, there was not one sign holder at Brophy Elementary. 

Finance Committee member Carol Sanchez told Patch at 10 a.m. at King School " Precinct 9 has a line to get ballots. Precinct 3 does not. I had to wait for a booth."

9:30 a.m.  "No line at McCarthy at 9:20 am. Easy in and out! And, brought my kids along who were very excited to help me vote! tells Jody Krasner Gladstein on the Framingham Patch Facebook page.

Editor's Note: There is no school today in Framingam. Framingham Public chool Teachers have a professional development day but kids are home. Imagine the parking situation this morning with bus and parents if there was school.

9:20 a.m. No lines at Wilson Elementary School precincts

Tom Ostfeld told Framingham Patch "About a 15 minute wait at Walsh at 7:30AM. But otherwise smooth voting. I would say that the traffic layout at Walsh makes it a poor choice for a voting location."

9:15 a.m. Richard Constant told us on Framingham Patch Facebook "Voted at Walsh about 9:00 am no line but busy, went very quick"

8:55 a.m.  Angela Bauer Caruso tell us on Framingham Patch Facebook - "I didn't wait at all at McCarthy at 7:55.. Walked right in and the whole process took less than 10 minutes! Pretty impressive!"

8:50 a.m. One woman now holding a Warren sign at Keefe Tech.

8:45 a.m. No one was campaigning with a sign in front of Keefe Tech. First time I had seen that ... Selectman Dennis Giombetti collecting signatures outside Keefe Tech for the charter commission - re possible vote for Town fo Framingam to become a city.

8:33 a.m. Precinct 11 had voter #308.

8:20 a.m. Second machine brought to Precinct 11. No lines. Things running smoothly. It appeared to be an issue with the thickness of the ballot.

Precinct workers Jeanne Bullock and Joan Rastani told Framingham Patch ballot thickness seems to be an issue with the machine, but they have found solutions to the problem.

8:05 a.m.  Andy Aylesworth tell us on Framingham Patch Facebook "Someone chalked a campaign message for Scott Brown outside Potter Road School. That's a violation of election rules .... Actual voting was smooth though. Decent size line but moving quickly."

8 a.m. Andrea Smith posted on Framingham Patch Facebook  "I just voted at town hall. Precinct 14. It was a mess for people who live on Bishop St., Bishop Dr., Arthur St. Etc. the poll worker had a lot of trouble checking people in. Tough parking at the town hall too."

8:30 a.m. Ed Feather posted on our Facebook "There was a line at Brophy at 7:30 but it moved really fast. The police are doing a great job keeping cars moving, etc. A great start to the day!"

7:55 a.m. More concerns at Keefe Technical. Rebecca Prince Byrne posted on Framingham Patch Facebook "Keefe tech precinct 11 BROKEN ballot machine!! Long lines are one thing but what matters more - Make sure our votes count!!! Fix please!!!"

7:48 a.m. Framinghams Ways & means Chair Audrey Hall tells us "Unbelieveable turnout  at the King building for precincts 3 and 9." She adds "Warning, 15 minutes to get from King building back to School Street."

7:40 a.m. Julie Swids posted on the Framingham Patch Facebook page "Keefe Tech's machines down ... the lady is stacking ballots, everyone is concerned about this process,"

7:25 a.m. Reader Adam Cohen said "I waited in line for 15 minutes but right as the polls opened, after a 5-10 minute wait to park. I was the 41st ballot at precinct 4 at Brophy" Elementary School.


Stay with Framingham Patch all day as we update this article with news and information from the polls and live election results after 8 p.m.

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Also, tell us what've seen at the polls in the comments below:

How long did you wait to vote today?

What number voter were you at the precinct?

Which candidate has the most visible presence among signholders?

Join the conversation in the comments.

Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. Framingham has 18 precincts. If you are not sure where to vote, click here.

Scott Brown (R), Elizabeth Warren (D): U.S. Senate

Scott Brown has represented Massachusetts in the U.S. Senate since a January 2010 special election held to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by the late Ted Kennedy. Brown defeated state Attorney General Martha Coakley with 1,168,107 votes, or 51.9 percent, to her 1,058,682 votes, or 47.1 percent.

Edward Markey (D) Tom Tierney (R): MA 4th Congressional District


Brenda Crawshaw November 06, 2012 at 01:00 PM
I just wanted to say shame on you voters at Keefe Tech this morning who were so rude and condescending to the VOLUNTEERS working the election process. It was not their fault that the ballot counting machine malfunctioned and it CERTAINLY isn't their fault that you apparently only vote once in a blue moon and didn't know where to go or what to do. We are all LUCKY to have the privilege of choosing our government and you all should have been grateful rather than nasty. That said, to all of you who patiently sit and check people in and out and assist the elderly and handicapped and make sure the pens work and usher us through the process, I say THANK YOU and please don't let the unpleasant people make you feel any less appreciated!
Dave Lenane November 06, 2012 at 09:55 PM
Brenda...well said! And to everyone else....I hope we are all glad this process is almost over. Whoever wins is going to have a huge crisis facing them again as the debt ceiling question comes almost immediately due. I hope we HAVE a President tomorrow, and hopefully whoever that is..be it Romney (please!!!) or Obama...that we can ALL just become Americans again! But....... Dear Lord if there is anyway you can make sure Scott Brown wins, I'd sure appreciate it!
Cheryl Tully Stoll November 06, 2012 at 11:55 PM
Congratulations to Framingham for stepping up and showing up. The process doesn't work if you don't participate.
Gerald C W Heng Sr. November 07, 2012 at 06:56 PM
Its an eternal and everlasting Blessing that the Democratic Process of orderly peaceable sucession of Governance by Elected Officials continue to passinately and morally play out in all States of the United States and nationally.As Sir Winston Churchill of Great Britain once said at the House of Commons,uncommonly and expectionally " O yes Democracy is an in-elegant and sometimes inefficient system" of Government " but you find an alternative system that's better all things considered ! " We are blessed additionally by the Victory of the Progressive Democrats of the Obama-Biden Presidency and Elizabeth Warren as our Champion for the US Senate !Bravo God Bless America and Queenie Elizabeth Warren by popular vote ! Gerald Heng Sr.
Gerald C W Heng Sr. November 08, 2012 at 04:00 PM
PS: incidentally all those GOP candidates especially for US Senate in Indiana and Missouri and others that opposed Abortion asa method of Birth Control on planned parenthood and thus a Denial of the Woman's Right to Reproductive Determination on so called Pro-Life rationale failed to capture any Seats,they were soundly defeated by the American People over 50% being La Femme !Bravo Democracy thriumphs because Pro-Choice is bascically Pro-Life and termination for Health and Rape Invasions on such Rights !!!


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