VIDEO: Congressman Tierney Tours Local Businesses, Discusses Economy

Rep. John Tierney was in Burlington last Friday to meet with local business owners and voters to discuss how the government can help in a slumping economy.

Last Friday Congressman John Tierney, D-6th District, spent the afternoon touring the downtown region of Burlington. Tierney visited local businesses on Cambridge Street to meet with voters and business leaders to discuss the economy, job creation and what government can do to help during difficult times.

Tierney toured with Massachusetts State Senator Kenneth Donnelly, D-Arlington, Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce President Jim Murphy and Chair of the BACC Board of Directors Sonia Rollins.

The group visited , new location, , , and .

Watch the video for an explanation by Tierney of the reason for the tour and images from the day.

Simon Marshall November 17, 2011 at 10:34 AM
"I never put words into peoples' mouths. So I was interested...they're feeding back the same things we've been saying." This is classic Tierney, and would be funny if it weren't so sad: the only things he hears, and the only things he wants to hear, are opinions that support his own positions. Anybody that has attended his meetings knows that he has no interest in hearing differing opinions, he only wants to tell you what he thinks. And he thinks what the unions tell him to think. It's time for somebody new to represent Burlington and the 6th District.


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