Board of Aldermen Vote to Hold Special Election

Request will be made to hold an election to replace State Rep. Stacie Laughton in Ward 4.

The Board of Aldermen voted Tuesday night to request a special election in Ward 4 to replace Stacie Laughton as a state representative.

Laughton, who was elected in November to serve as a state rep in Ward 4, has since resigned the seat amid controversy over her status as a convicted felon.

Laughton and her ex-wife, Lisa Laughton, were convicted and information that did not come to light publicly until after the November election.

A resolution was unanimously passed during the Dec. 11 Alderman's meeting to hold a special election, after the board suspended the rules by introducing and approving the resolution within the same meeting, to expedite the process.

During public comment Tuesday night, prior to the vote, Laughton spoke against the resolution, saying she did not support a special election, or the costs to the city that go along with holding a special election.

"A special election will get low voter turnout. I don't think it would be wise to expend the money we'd need to have this election because it wouldn't really be worth it," Laughton said.

"We're only in this mess now because of dirty, nasty politics. To call for a special election is a waste of money, and from what my supporters have said to me, on Nov. 6, they had their say and voted for me," Laughton said.

Both Stacie and Lisa Laughton, both previously elected to serve as a ward selectmen as write-in candidates, are awaiting a decision by the Secretary of State on whether they were eligible to run based on the current language of the state voting code.

Dan December 20, 2012 at 10:22 PM
What part......the restitution in full, or the 10 years of not being arrested? I have never seen you EVER answer that question....
One Man Wolf Pack December 21, 2012 at 02:55 PM
Hoenstly, I don't care if Atlant is appointed ward 4 rep until they can hold an election. I hear Stacie is running again in the special election, that piece played on WMUR last night. That gives grounds to sue the city of Nashua and state of NH for allowing a currently serving criminal to even register as a candidate. That will get the AG off his keister. Also selective enforcement is common, Holder has been doing it for a while; that is the nasty politics here. If this were a R next to her name she would already be arrested over the matter. It is the hypocracy of it, and her illustrated absolute lack of respect for the law both then AND now, that really angers me. The fact that you have zealot liberals like Atlant willing to do, say, or back anything liberal with zero regard for even the legality of the situation is a sad statement of partisan politics.
Dan December 21, 2012 at 06:25 PM
While I do differ with you regarding the Holder issue, I have to agree that amount of politics in this case regarding "The Laughtons" is a legal joke. It is funny that when I was living in Maine, at the Request of a Republican Candidate for the State Senate (who was a relative of the Walker Family i.e. George H.W. Bush), the case was adjudicated (with help of a DEMOCRATIC SAG, and it was heard quickly.) I think that the SAG doesn't even want to touch this with a 100 foot pole. Furthermore, I stated this earlier today: The Board of Aldermen in Nashua, could have simply at this meeting could have IMPEACHED them. Yet, they sat and listened to her as if there were to say "We're thumbing our noses to State Law. Yet, what is this woman/man going to do? She has no transportation. Is she going to get the H.E.A.R.T.S (a mental health group in Nashua...Ward 4) to drive her to Concord? It's like HELLLLLLLLOO MR SAG.....ARE YOU THERE? type of problem. Please act before it taints the State House of Representatives.
Dan December 21, 2012 at 06:40 PM
Lisa: You "obayed" the law. Thank you for telling us that. Apparently a dictionary isn't one of your favorite books. I would have to question if you really knew if you were OBEYING the law, because you cannot even spell it correctly. Also, the State AG didn't make that ruling regarding whether your suspended sentence was making Stacie inelligible for run for office, or for that matter whether you broke the law running for Ward Selectperson. Furthermore, you keep dodging the restitution question. That is a court-ordered mandate, meaning you don't pay you go back to jail. That is covered under the RSA 607, Paragraph 1, Section B.
steve forte January 02, 2013 at 03:43 PM
Excuse if Im wrong , I dont think I am. But beinmg convicted felons who obviously have not completed their sentance , didnt they break the law just by voting? I also hope the victom they stole from was not elderly as even a young person having to wait 40 yrs to get their manoey back is disgusting.


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