Big Turnout at Burlington Polls

Roughly 1,000 people per hour have been coming to vote.

Burlington residents are coming in droves to cast their votes in today's national elections.

Cars are backing up down Cambridge Street as residents head to Burlington High School to vote. Police are providing traffic detail and though the line is long, it is moving smoothly.

Inside the polls the lines are also moving along, thanks mostly to the good organization of the Burlington Town Clerk's office. There are also high school student volunteers on hand to help residents find their district and voting line.

As of 11 a.m. 6,138 of the town's 15,149 registered voters, or 40.5 percent, had already voted.

We also asked readers to weigh in with their experience at the polls today.

Ed Flynn said "I had to pass by at 8:30 as the line of cars went out to the main road. I'm hoping the line won't be too crazy after work."

Lydia Brown added "Long lines to drive in and out but once inside it was very fast."

At roughly 11 a.m. Dennis Bergeron stated "Line of cars was back to Bldg 19, took me about a half hour from getting out of my car and getting back in. Lines are long inside. I really wish Burlington would have separate voting locations. The traffic isn't flowing "quick in and out" like the sign says in the parking lot."

Finally, Donna Feller said, making a very good point, "Considering others in the country are standing in line for hours I've got no complaints except that I hope nobody has to "give up" on their right to vote."

Make sure you get out to vote today. For all the information you need check out our Burlington Election Guide.


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