VIDEO: BHS Students Learn Dangers of Drinking/Texting While Driving

Last week Burlington High School put on a mock motor vehicle accident to teach students the dangers of intoxicated and distracted driving.

Last week, in the lead up to prom, graduation and summer break, Burlington High School students were given a dramatic lesson on the dangers of intoxicated and distracted driving.

The students were witnesses of a mock accident on school grounds, featuring four student actors and one teacher who pretended to be killed in the incident. Two students were evacuated in ambulances and one was flown off in a Med Flight helicopter. A fourth student was led away in a police cruiser after she 'got buzzed' and was texting behind the wheel, causing the accident. 

The demonstration on the dangers of intoxicated and distracted driving was made possible by the efforts of the , the , , , Murray's Towing, Armstrong Ambulance Service and Boston Med Flight.

The students actors were Emily Murgo as the buzzed and texting driver, Anthony Cruz as the students who was taken in the Med Flight rescue and Zaven Ovian and Futaba Shioda, both of whom left in ambulances. The teacher who was 'killed' in the accident was Matthew Jackling.

Check out our video for a full report of the day's events.


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