Protect Your Packages this Holiday Season

Shopping online? Here are some tips to help prevent someone making off with a package before you even know its delivered.

It's an unfortunate reality but during the holiday season thieves are looking for opportunities to steal gifts.

Already in the Burlington police logs in the past week there have been two calls of people coming home to find packages that were set to be delivered to their homes were missing. In both instances the delivery companies stated in their tracking services that the parcels had been delivered but they were nowhere in site.

The following tips come courtesy of the Somerville Police Department and were endorsed in a tweet from the Burlington Police Department.

  • Have your package delivered to a location where someone can receive it in person. A neighbor or relative who is usually home, or if you have an understanding boss, to your workplace, are good alternatives.
  • Encourage your neighbors to watch for deliveries and agree to secure each others packages. This includes being watchful for any stranger who is going onto porches for no apparent reason or following delivery trucks.
  • Request the shipper to hold your package at their facility. Most offer this service.
  • Track deliveries online. Many companies officer a text notification to your cell phone when a package has been delivered.
  • Request a signature confirmation of delivery.
  • Insure valuable items.
  • Provide delivery instructions. If packages will be left while you are not home, try to have them left out of sight from the street.
  • If you see anyone acting suspicious, call 911.


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