OMGPD: Oops, That Car Wasn't *Really* Stolen, and When Whitening Strips Are Not Enough

Our weekly compilation of some of the more, ahem, unusual police reports from around the Boston area. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.

Welcome to OMGPD, a weekly round-up of strange and unique police logs from around the region. 

Whitening strips thief graduates — to hair care products

Newton Police responded to the  on Washington Street Sunday after an employee reported that a man had nearly cleaned out all the Nexxus hair products in the store. According to reports, the male suspect was only in the store for about 90 seconds before he stole an entire shelf of said hair care products. The employee, who viewed the incident on security tapes, said the same man reportedly had come into the store four of five times recently, previously stealing Crest White Strips. After spotting the alleged thief in the store the employee said she walked over to the man, who proceeded to yell at her and walk out of the store. The employee then went over to the section where the man was standing and noticed that almost all of the Nexxus hair products were gone: http://patch.com/A-wylt 


Stolen car ... or not

Wayland teen James Griffin faces a charge of filing a false police report after he took a ride in his grandmother's car, left it on the side of the road — and allowed her to believe it was stolen: http://patch.com/A-wwk9


How else was I going to stream my Netflix movies to my TV set?

A man walked into Best Buy in Watertown and grabbed a PlayStation 3 console and ran out of the store. He was spotted leaving in a blue pickup truck: http://patch.com/A-wy1N

I was busy and didn't get around to it

In Sudbury, a Codjer Lane resident reported at 9:21 p.m. that loud music was coming from a truck parked on the street. The resident, however, had waited about 17 hours to file a report. Apparently the music had been playing at 4 a.m. that morning. http://patch.com/A-wytp


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