Medallion May Shed New Light on 37-Year-Old Murder Mystery

Police may have a new lead on a case dating back to 1975.

Police may have new leads on an old murder case.

As reported on Patch, The Burlington Police Department is trying to find information on a nearly 37-year-old homicide.

According to a "murder mystery" post on the department's web site:

"On May 22nd, 1975 a body was found here in the Town of Burlington Massachusetts. The partially decomposed body had been buried in a shallow grave in a wooded area near Muller Road. This man was the victim of a homicide."

According to police, it is believed that the man had probably been buried for about 6 months and possibly up to two years before he was found. It has been at least 36 years since this man was last seen by his friends and family. He was last seen by his killer or killers. 

The best clues available to identify the victim are the distinctive belt buckle and the very unique medallion.  Dental records might confirm the man’s identity.

According to MyFoxBoston.com, in 1980 police received a tip that the medallion was from a Boston jeweler who made it for a motorcycle group out of Pughkeepsie, New York. Police recently turned to the Poughkeepsie Journal, a move that resulted in new tips that police are now investigating.

Click here for the full original story on Patch.




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