Burlington Pooch Rescued From Roof

A Chocolate Lab was rescued from the roof of its family garage by Burlington Canine Officer Joe Papsedero.

A Burlington dog found itself in an strange perch on Tuesday.

According to the Burlington Police Department Twitter account, emergency crews, led by Burlington's Officer Joe Papsedero, helped rescue the animal that had gone out of a window onto its owner's roof. 

Channel 7 News, which spoke with Burlington Police about the incident, reported that initially police believed the call of a dog on a roof was just part of a Halloween prank, perhaps a unique decoration.

However, it turned out to be true. The 7-year-old Chocolate Lab was sitting atop a garage, which it accessed through a second-floor screen window.

According to 7 News, the first officer who responded decided he needed help. To that end police contacted Canine Officer Papsedero, who because of his work with Burlington's K9 Havoc, has experience in four-legged friends.

According to 7 News, Papsedero set a ladder up against the roof and climbed up. He grabbed the dog, who was scared and shaking. The animal came right to Papsedero, clearly wanting off the roof.

The owners of the animal recently adopted the Lab and believe it wanted to go out as this was the first time they left the dog alone.

Channel 7 News also has a video featuring Papsedero you can find by clicking this link.

Amanda October 25, 2012 at 03:47 PM
How did the news hear about this? Funny stuff
Cathie Hayes October 26, 2012 at 02:49 AM
Glad he is safe!!!


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