Burlington Bus Driver in Court for Accusation of False Reprt

Nancy Parker of Burlington will appear in court on charges of compensation fraud, misleading an investigator, and filing a false report.

A Burlington woman and former MBTA bus driver appeared in court last week to face charges of making a false accusation in relation to a 2007 incident. 

According to the Boston Globe, Nancy Parker, 53, of Burlington, was arraigned for allegedly fraudulently collected more than $7,750 in workers compensation after claiming she was shot while on the job in 2007.

"Parker is charged with worker's compensation fraud, misleading an investigator, and filing a false report. A clerk magistrate ordered her released without bail, and to return for a pretrial hearing Feb. 28," the Globe reported.

According to the Globe report, Parker allegedly told police she was shot by a man while conducting her shop into Chelsea. Later, she allegedly changed her story to say the man was an ex-boyfriend trying to collect money.

Also, according to Universal Hub,:

"A [2009] Chelsea District Court judge tore into prosecutors, saying that while Parker had changed her initial story of being shot by a stranger in a robbery attempt to being shot by an ex-lover, there was little evidence to suggest she was lying about actually being shot."

Her arraignment at Suffolk Superior Court last week comes after an indictment by a grand jury, Universal Hub reports.


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