Baby Delivered in Lahey Hospital Parking Lot

The hospital’s ER staff delivered the baby early Friday morning.

Burlington Police Officer Ryan Griffin, who had helped revive a father-of-two Thursday morning, received an urgent call on his next shift Friday morning while he was in the dispatcher’s chair: An expectant mother was going into labor on the way to Winchester Hospital.

Griffin, who was speaking with the mother’s mother, realized the baby wasn’t going to wait that long, so he directed them to Lahey Hospital, which has no maternity ward but had the closest emergency room, according to a department release.

Griffin notified the hospital and directed Burlington Police K-9 Officer Joe Papsedero to the scene.

Papsedero reassured the mother in the parking lot, as ER staff rushed outside and delivered the healthy baby.

“As we do not offer maternity services, it’s not often that we’re presented with a mother that far along in labor in our parking lot,” said Dr. Malcolm Creighton, chair of the emergency medicine department at Lahey.

“We are also tremendously grateful for the support of the Burlington Police Department, Burlington Fire Department and Burlington EMS who were on scene to offer their assistance,” he added. “It’s wonderful knowing we have first responders like them ready to act at a moment’s notice.”

Mother and baby were said to be doing well at a Boston hospital, which offers maternity services.

Burlington Police Chief Michael Kent commended Griffin, Papsedero and Lt. Thomas Browne, who was the commanding officer during this incident and when Griffin helped revive the man.

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