Release: Zenkin Looking Ahead to November Vote for 21st Middlesex District

A release by the campaign to elect Walter Zenkin to the 21st Middlesex District State Rep. Seat.

The following is a release from the campaign to elect Walter Zenkin to the 21st Middlesex District State Rep. Seat: 

Burlington Selectman Walter T. Zenkin successfully earned a spot on November’s ballot as the Republican nominee for the 21st Middlesex District’s open seat.  Zenkin needed at least 150 write-in votes to accomplish his goal of earning the right to appear on the ballot.  In the end, he cruised to victory with over 650 signatures in all.

“I am very appreciative of the outpouring of support from the voters in Bedford, Burlington and Wilmington,” stated Zenkin.  “People are tired of bickering and business as usual on Beacon Hill.  There needs to be some voice of reason in the Massachusetts State House.  The remainder of this campaign will focus on bringing commonsense and practical solutions to state government.”

The high level of voter turnout on Zenkin’s behalf is particularly impressive since there weren’t any contested Republican races on the ballot to motivate people to get out and vote in his home town of Burlington.

“Voters have been very receptive to my record as a public servant for finding commonsense solutions to problems.  The past few years have been difficult for everyone economically.  As an elected leader, I’ve worked with others with whom I agree and sometimes disagree in order to maintain the high quality public services my constituents rely on without having to do it on the backs of the very people we want to help.  This type of commonsense approach seems to be in short supply, and I don’t understand why it needs to be that way.”

Zenkin looks forward to the general election and encourages the voters to engage in a serious discussion about the future of the district and the state of Massachusetts.

“People are engaged in a way that I’ve never seen before in politics.  They’ve raised the level of expectation for their leaders.  I’m known by a significant segment of the district, and people who I’ve worked with or helped in the past are getting involved to help me now.  That means something to me personally. As a local selectman I have a track record for being approachable and the voice of reason when advocating for the very people I’ve been elected to serve.     

My constituents have stood behind me since this campaign began, and they’ve been crucial in helping me make new connections in Bedford and Wilmington.  I appreciate that the voters have given me this opportunity to continue with this race through building new relationships in the common interest of improving the district and state further.”


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