Making Certain Thanksgiving Isn't Lost in the Shuffle

Christmas is right around the corner, but it's important to stop and remember just what we're thankful for on Thursday.


These days it often seems like time passes more and more
quickly. Family life is hectic, parents and kids are busier than ever and, oftentimes, there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day.

Unfortunately, that sometimes means that we, as moms, don’t always make the time to enjoy the same traditions that we did when we were kids.

Holidays come and go quickly and, sometimes, Thanksgiving seems to have become nothing more than the day before the “silly season” of Christmas shopping begins.

Let’s face it, Christmas decorations seem to be going up earlier and earlier every year and, by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, we often seem to be so programmed into the upcoming holiday stress that we forget exactly what we should be giving thanks for.

I, for one, however, work hard to maintain a “No Christmas” rule until after we have celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday. Now, before anyone accuses me of being the local Scrooge, it’s not that I don’t love Christmas. As much as I enjoy the holiday, I also value Thanksgiving and, frankly, hate to see it lost in the shuffle.

Let’s face it. Thanksgiving is a unique holiday. It’s not a religious holiday or a gift giving occasion. Instead, Thanksgiving is a truly American celebration.

Thanksgiving is about moms, dads, children, families and friends taking the time to sit down together and remember just how lucky they are. It’s about teaching our children to respect the sacrifices that our forefather’s made to be in this country and about realizing how lucky we are to be here too.

Sometimes in the rush of everyday life we, as moms, forget just how important it is to remind our kids that not everyone is as lucky as they are. We simply don’t always take the time to teach them to be thankful for all that they have.

Sad reality is that sometimes we don’t take the time to be thankful ourselves. Thanksgiving serves as a reminder to all of us to slow down, remember what we have and enjoy spending time with loved ones.

If you drive by my house on Friday you will, undoubtedly see full Christmas decorating underway. The whole family will be stringing lights, hanging decorations and getting ready for the next holiday.

Until then, however, we are focused on being thankful, enjoying a turkey dinner with family and, of course, watching a whole lot of football.


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