LETTER TO THE EDITOR: My Vote is for Joe Kearns Goodwin

Sudbury resident Karen Rossi Powers says the state senate hopeful values public education.

An excellent public school has the power to make a community great. It has the power to inspire our children to do more, be more, and achieve more. Conversely, a poor education can keep our children from reaching their full potential and handicap them when they begin to compete in the global economy.

When we go to the polls on Sept. 6, we need to choose a state senator who understands the value of public education, someone who knows that how we educate our children determines who they become, what they create, and how they solve the important issues that they will face in the future. Only one candidate has made education front and center in his campaign. That candidate is Joe Kearns Goodwin.

Joe was brought up on the belief that a quality public education is the best asset anyone can be afforded. He attended public schools in Concord. His brother teaches at Concord-Carlisle Public High School. Joe understands the challenges facing our public schools, and will fight to ensure their quality. Joe wants to ensure that the best-qualified people not only become teachers, but also have the resources they need to be successful ones. He wants to increase funding for pre-k and early education and help parents supplement their children’s education at home. Equally importantly, Joe wants to improve public higher education and certificate programs to ensure that we are graduating students with the skills they need to seize jobs.

I want a state senator who is dedicated to our children and improving their education. On Sept. 6 I am supporting Joe Kearns Goodwin because he knows the importance of public schools, and will fight to make sure that a first rate public education is available for all.

Karen Rossi Powers

142 Pantry Road

Let's Open our eyes August 17, 2012 at 01:42 PM
Doesn't everybody want those wonderful benefits Karen? Is the real question not, "How do we pay for it"? As a State senator, would JKG back his constituents in seeking full /maximum reimbursement from the state, holding the state legislature and government's collective feet to the fire in making good on promises already made, or ditching on us in the middle of the night, last minute vote meetings like his predecessors?


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