Letter: Thank You From Newly Elected State Representative Ken Gordon

Ken Gordon thanks his supporters, campaign staff and family.

The following is a letter to the editor from Ken Gordon:

With sincere gratitude and pride I thank the voters of Burlington for electing me your next State Representative.  I will work hard to reward your faith, and to represent our district in a way you will be proud.

Be assured I will be a regular face in the community. I look forward to hearing your ideas and your concerns and to discussing ways the Commonwealth can be helpful.  I will not forget that I received almost 7,000 votes outside of Bedford, accounting for well over half of my total votes.  I appreciate that your vote represents your trust, and I will respect that bond.

I will stand up for the schools, seniors and veterans in all of our communities. I will address the problems that plague traffic in the district. I look forward to addressing these issues, and to taking perhaps a fresh approach to solving our problems.

I sincerely appreciate the support I received from Senator Ken Donnelly, Senator-elect Mike Barrett, Rep. Charles Murphy, Rep. Jim Miceli, and others in the State House. I will work my heart out to follow the example left by Rep. Murphy, and build on his good work.  I congratulate Walter Zenkin on a well-run campaign.  I look forward to working with you and the rest of the Burlington selectmen to address the town’s needs.

A special thank you to the campaign managers and advisers and all those who held signs, made calls, knocked on doors and provided our structure.  No one said your job would be easy.  But you worked tirelessly, and you made every moment count.

Finally, thank you to my wife Breena and son Brandon for all your hard work on my part, and your support.  You will always be my guiding light.

Ken Gordon

Ken Gordon is a Bedford resident and the 21st Middlesex District's newly elected State Representative.


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