Guest Column: Burlington GOP Committee Kicks of Campaign Season with Meet the Candidates

A Look at the Recent Burlington GOP Candidate Event in Burlington.

The following is a guest column by Burlington Republican Town Committee Secretary Adam Senesi:

The Burlington Republican Town Committee event at the home of Committee Secretary Adam Senesi.  Congressional candidate participated along with Burlington’s Republican candidate for State Senate Dr. Gerry Dembrowski and Burlington who recently announced his candidacy for State Representative.  The turnout surpassed the expectations set by the committee with a capacity crowd of attendees mixing and mingling with the candidates over appetizers.

“We’re extremely excited about the field of candidates we’re offering to the voters of Burlington, from Mitt Romney at the presidential level all the way down the ticket to our own Walter Zenkin at the local level,” said Committee Vice-Chairman Jon Casey.  “There will be a Republican running at every level on the ballot this November in Burlington, and based on the feedback we’re receiving a significant number of people are interested in hearing our alternative to the status quo.”

The event capped off a full day of events for the candidates that involved a tour of Burlington led by Zenkin, in which they visited a diverse mix of local businesses starting with lunch at Jimmy’s Family Restaurant.  Shop-keepers, patrons and employees stopped to shake hands and ask questions of the candidates as they made the rounds through Burlington.  The candidates listened to the concerns of many in the local business community who offered praise of Burlington as a good place to do business, but also highlighted criticism of policies affecting business at the state and national levels.   

“Burlington is an example of what happens when government works with business to foster a climate where entrepreneurs can thrive and create jobs, while generating the necessary local tax revenue to maintain high-quality services,” stated Tisei.  “I promise to fight to strike the right balance at the national level to encourage prosperity and strengthen government’s ability to face our country’s challenges.” 

The Burlington Republican Town Committee meets on the first Monday of every month at 7 PM in the basement meeting room of the Town Hall Annex.  The committee’s principal task is to help elect Republican candidates to public office, and they plan to work aggressively this campaign season to see their candidates to victory.  It’s never an easy task here in Massachusetts, but this year the committee believes it has the right roster of candidates to change the political climate in the state for the better.   


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