Election 2012 Break: Pet Cuteness Overload

We interrupt our regularly scheduled election coverage and conversation to bring you sites that lead to ridiculously cute animals.


Getting tired of all the political talk? How about taking a little break and indulging in some animal cuteness?

To give you a break we pulled together this image gallery, taken from various Patch sites around the country, featuring some great pics of readers' fuzzy friends. Enjoy!

Want more? Even if you're intently watching the election today (as we are), you may still enjoy a break. Let us offer you some websites as diversions.

1) Lil' Bub

We have trouble disagreeing with this cat owner's assessment that Lil' Bub, a painfully cute cat born with several genetic mutations, is "the most amazing creature on the planet."

2) Dogshaming

More of a dog person? This website, in its own words, supplies "your favorite furry friends with a healthy dose of shaming," for the things they do that drive us owners crazy. (Honorable Mention: Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund. He never disappoints!)

3) Teh Cute

Sloths cuddling between blankets, a tiny monkey hanging out in a coffee cup, a kitten wrestling a bunny: those are just a few of the gems featured on this site, dedicated to cute animals.

4) Animals Who Are Extremely Disappointed in You

Methinks that if the election doesn't go your way, you can post a picture of one of these cuties to express your disappointment.

5) Oh They're So Surprised

...But if the pollsters got it wrong, maybe you'll use one of these pictures as your Facebook meme.

Have any sites of a similar vein that you'd like to add to our collection? Post a link in our comment section. Have an animal photo that rivals these sites in cuteness? Upload it to this article.


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