My Addiction and My Goal, My Fat Loss Update This Week

My goal was to lose bodyfat, but my goal did not include powerlifting anymore I wasn't in that training mode, which requires more calories alot more to keep up with those workouts.

Hey All,

This past week was a real eye opener, one that made me think and revisit my goals, the ones that I set for myself about 4 months ago.

The goal?  Lose Bodyfat!

Now I attacked it from my workouts, my meal plans which I have updated a couple of times to fit what I need.  Now the part that I missed on just a bit and one that I talk to my clients about day in and day out is reprogramming your mind, your doing things one way now, you think it's gonna all of a sudden happen overnight?

The answer is simple....NO!

Here's what happened to me and hopefully you will see how important it is to continually be thinking about your goal and what you want.  Really what you want.

I got a call about 2 weeks ago from a buddy of mine that owns a gym in Peabody, he asked me to participate in a powerlifting contest, I was mulling it over for a bit then he mentioned that since I was in the Masters class ahh yahhh shhssh please yes I'm that age, but anyway he mentioned that with my strength and what he has seen me lift I would easily set a record in that class and the contest was sanctioned.

Well for the past couple of weeks, because of this my workouts starting getting more intense with the weight I was lifting and pressing and it was great until this past Thursday.  I was dragging, completely spent as my muscles were taking longer to recover.  I starting talking it out with Kelly and with some words of wisdom she bestowed on me, it got me thinking.

Was this part of my goal?

Have I changed my end goal?

What did I want?  To be strong, to lose bodyfat?  What???

Well I went back and it was simple, I had created a goal in the beginning, did it all of a sudden change from losing bodyfat?  NO!  It was the same goal but how I was training was not matching that goal.

I had to think about this, revisit it and get back on track.

My goal was to lose bodyfat, but my goal did not include powerlifting anymore I wasn't in that training mode, which requires more calories alot more to keep up with those workouts.

When I was done talking it out with Kelly, there was a weight that was lifted off my shoulders, no pun intended......

I was clearer, all of a sudden I had more energy, my goal was visible again, and I was back on track mentally!

I was weighed down with the thought of having to go into that contest, and compete at a level that I was used to about 10-15 years ago and even though I could still compete at that level now, it wasn't part of what I want right now.

I was attracted to it for one simple reason, lifting that weight makes you feel superhuman, it's a high like no other.  One that I can't explain but can only be felt.

I had to let go of that and keep moving on.......

No matter how much you workout, how much you eat right, you have to keep your goal in mind and not stray from it.  Write it down, it will become reality, once you see it visually it will realize itself.

Until Next Time

Your Fit Coach


"I Need More Weight"

Michael LoColle is the Owner of ML Athletics Fitness with 5 Bootcamp Locations including Burlington Bootcamp, Billerica Bootcamp, Danvers Bootcamp, Malden Bootcamp which is a Partner Location with Lynnfield Bootcamp, and the Woburn Bootcamp Partner Location with Kelly LaCasse from Fitsique Body & Mind, offers Corporate Fitness Bootcamps. If you are looking to incorporate a bootcamp in your town or company please use the contact info below to discuss our options, we can run a bootcamp just about anywhere.

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