Community Group HELPIS Holding Pizza Fundraiser

HELPIS will be at the Flatbread Company in Bedford on Sept. 25 for a fundraiser to help support the community group.

The following is a release from the Burlington-based charitable group HELPIS:

HELPIS, the Burlington-based non-profit, founded to encourage and promote good and charitable deeds by groups and individuals and to create the observance of Help Me Help Someone celebration during the month of May, will be the beneficiary of Flatbread Company Bedford’s Tuesday night benefit event on September 25, 2012. 

“We are very excited and grateful to be working with the Flatbread Company for this exciting benefit event,” said HELPIS founder Joyce Deliyiannis. “This event is a great opportunity for HELPIS to demonstrate what we’re all about while supporting a fantastic, generous local business. We encourage all current and new friends of HELPIS to come out to show their support for our mission and enjoy some delicious Flatbread pizza.”  

HELPIS will be at Flatbread Company Bedford, located at 213 Burlington Road in Bedford, on Tuesday, September 25 from 5:00 throughout the evening. We will have several raffle prizes that will be awarded that night, which will be announced at 8:30. 

Flatbread Company is a full-service restaurant that serves mostly organic, wood-fired pizza. Flatbread has a commitment to source local and organic foods whenever possible, while giving back to the community through benefits and sponsorship. Part of the Flatbread Company mission is to support local organizations that have an impact on the local community. The primary way that they accomplish this is through the benefit nights that are held on Tuesday nights at each of the restaurants.

About HELPIS, Help Me Help Someone

HELPIS is a Massachusetts-based non-profit organization built on the goal of creating a community of equals who provide whatever kindnesses they are able to the people they encounter in an ever-widening network of generosity. HELPIS was founded by Joyce Deliyiannis, who believes that kindness has the power to bring hope to those searching for it and by extension, change lives. During the Month of May, HELPIS challenges people to help someone in need without asking for anything in return as a reminder that even simple acts of kindness can heal, uplift, inspire, and improve the lives of others.

Visit http://www.helpis.org for more information.


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