Wine Tasting at Burlington Busa Wine and Spirits

A wine tasting at Busa Wine and Spirits introduced Burlington residents to three different wines.

Recently, Busa Wine and Spirits in Burlington offered its patrons a free wine tasting from 4 to 7pm. In that time, Trendsetters employee Lori Swanson served up samples to curious customers.

Swanson has hosted many wine tastings with Trendsetters, which is hired by different stores to hold events. “Busa’s is a real nice store to work for,” she says. “It’s the only store that uses real glasses for their tastings, a real nice touch.”

This is a testament not only to Busa, but to Busa’s wine manager Stu Woodward, as well.

“Part of it is educational, general awareness of the wine,” said Woodward of the tasting. “A lot of people get into the habit of drinking one wine. It’s nice to expose them to new varieties.”

The three wines available were a white Chardonnay called Bodega Elena and two reds, a Malbec and a blend. “The blend,” Swanson said, “is a mix of three different red wines. They’re kind of trendy right now.”

Brian Conlon of Burlington said he mostly drinks Red Rock Merlot and Frei Merlot. Without knowing the tasting was happening, Conlon walked in and tried the two red wines. “I liked the blend better,” he said. “A little more bite to it.”

“A lot of guys,” Swanson said with a laugh, “are closet wine drinkers.” She tries to encourage people to step outside of their comfort zone, encouraging, “This is how you’ll get the girls!”

A Burlington resident his whole life, Jonathan Kessler does not hide his wine drinking. “I collect high-end bottles,” said Kessler. Now 26, Kessler talked about how his relationship with alcohol has matured to a place of appreciation. “The Malbec was excellent,” Kessler said, surprised at its low price. “I’ve had $20 bottles that let me down.”

Despite , Swanson said the tasting went well. “This wine sells really well.”

Though the tasting is over, Busa will continue to stock the three wines, at $7.99 per bottle or two bottles for $14. “The sale is going on for a few more months,” said Woodward. 


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