VIDEO: Love in Radiology; Cancer Patient Weds Girlfriend of 30 Years at Lahey Clinic

Wendell Scraders and his bride Carol Anne Perinchie tied the knot in the Oncology Department at Lahey Clinic last Friday.

Love was the medicine of the day at this past Friday as a couple of 30 years tied the knot in a special wedding ceremony in the hospital's Oncology Department.

Wendell Scraders, 60, a resident of Bermuda and a patient at Lahey Clinic for esophageal cancer, married long-time girlfriend Carol Anne Perinchie, 52, also of Bermuda, as nurses, doctors and other members of the hospital staff looked on. The couple were married by hospital chaplain Reverend Heather Hinton, a minister with the United Church of Christ.

Angela Tambini, Chief Therapist for the Radiology/Oncology Department, said the couple decided to get married just two days before Friday's ceremony. Since they were far from family, the staff rallied together and made all of the arrangements and then many staff members came to watch the ceremony and share their best wishes with the happy couple.

Steve Danehy, Lahey Director Media Relations, said the hospital does not normally allow weddings, but made an exception in this case and arranged for the ceremony to be conducted by an ordained minister.

The ceremony itself was very sweet. The bride was escorted down a hospital hallway by staff members before meeting her husband-to-be in the hospital's Chapel.

"Even as they are fall removed from their families in Bermuda, they have discovered here an adopted family, an adopted community, that wants to celebrate their hope for their future," said Rev. Hinton. "It's a beautiful thing and a testament to the love you have for one another that so many people you have just met want to be here to celebrate with you."

Watch our video for more information and scenes from the wedding ceremony.

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