Reader Report: Crazy Long Lines at Market Basket in Anticipation of Blizzard

People are stocking up before the blizzard and are packing the grocery stores.

Sounds like people are getting ready for tomorrow's snow storm.

According to a reader comment on an Arlington Patch story, the lines at the Burlington Market Basket are very long.

A comment from Marianne, "Just got back from Market Basket in Burlington. The lines for the registers began at the back of the store at the meat section, across the back as far as the fruit section, then did a loop (still in the back of the store). A store employee was at the end of each aisle, directing people onto an aisle. We then worked our way up the aisle in line, and were assigned to the back of a line leading to a register. I had to park down by the Chateau. I can't imagine what it will be like tonight!" 

Have you been out purchasing supplies for the storm? Let us know what you see. Add any updates or observations to the comments section below and help keep the Burlington community informed on the latest news.


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