Marty Could Be the Cat for You

This cat and others are up for adoption through Lots of Love Cat Rescue.

Editor's Note: The following information was provided by Lots of Love Cat Rescue in Wilmington.

Smarty Marty is this cat's nickname, and for good reason. He is not only a smart boy, but a handsome and loveable main coon cat, about two years old. He came to us from a city towing yard where he was roaming and causing some trouble with other feral cats.

Marty was trapped and neutered and was to be returned to his outside "home", but the person that was feeding the feral colony asked us to please try and make room for him.

She wanted to give him a chance to "come around" as she saw something other than a feral in him. After a trip to the vets to have him neutered and make certain his health was okay, he went into foster care where we got to see what she was talking about, he adores being loved on. 

Marty has blossomed into a very regal gentleman. He might look a little big in his picture, but he is all fluff, with long chocolate and black fur, a white bib and paws and sweet gold eyes that look deep into yours.

If you like the “meet and greet, lets talk" type of cat, Marty’s the boy for you. He loves attention and lets you know it. Some cats don’t like to be picked up, not this boy, he loves it and sometimes demands a good patting.

Marty is living with other cats and does well with the females and good with non-alpha males. He does not like dogs. Marty is in his glory when being brushed and does fine with nail trimming.

His energy is low-key; he’s good about entertaining himself with cat toys but loves when the humans engage in play. With his great temperament, Marty is a cat that you will fall in love with instantly and we believe he will own his new home within minutes of arrival. Smarty Marty is waiting for you. 


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