How the Commons Normally Look - How Will It Look Tomorrow?

Send us your "before" and "after" storm photos for a fun gallery.

The snow has started to fall and Burlington is braced for its impact.

Since we are all going to be watching the snow fall, we thought we should have some fun here on Woburn Patch.

The above pictures of the Commons are from the Patch archives. The plan now is that after the snow has fallen and it is safe to go out, we will take pictures of from the same spots to really see just how much snow fell.

Want to get involved?

If so, go out now, before the snow really starts to accumulate, and take a some pictures of something that can be used as a benchmark. Then upload the pictures to this gallery by clicking the "Upload Pictures" button above.

In the photo caption include the time in which the picture was taken so we can make comparisons.

Or, if you have a picture of your object of choice already from a non-snow day that works as well.

Then after the storm take a picture of the same thing and upload that one (we'll reorganize them so they are side by side) and let's see just how much snow we get.


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