Beating the Heat in Burlington

Patch talks to a few local authorities on how to stay cool during this summer's heat wave.

According to weather reports, we are in the middle of the summer's worst expected heatwave. With highs reaching 100 degrees in and around Burlington over the weekend, Patch thought it would be a good idea to speak to some local authorities around town on how to beat the heat.

One great place in town to get in a swim is the on 1 Country Club Land off of Center Street.

“We're open to surrounding area towns as well as Burlington, and it's been a stellar summer,” explained Board Member of the Burlington Swim and Tennis Club, Ginger Boermeester. “We have doubled our membership this year and expect a waiting list next year.”

Boermeester detailed that non-members can visit as a guest of current members. As a summer time special, the Burlington Swim and Tennis Club is offering a $299 membership just for the month of August. For more information, visit the BSTC website.

Bumping into Vance Huntoon, a Burlington Pizza Works driver delivering a pie to the BSTC, Huntoon exemplified the role of the outside laborer during these hot days and gave a few tips towards staying cool on the job.

“Have to have AC in the car, and keep hydrated or it can get ugly,” said Huntoon. “But working indoors, or out, there is no beating the heat when you are front of a hot oven or something similar.”

Huntoon and many other laborers like him face the trouble of their jobs forcing them to be in extreme temperatures for an extended period of time. During this heat wave, it's a good idea to extend a little extra care, water, or a couple more short breaks if you are employing any kind of laborer in a similar position to Huntoon.

This warning goes well with another authority on beating the heat, Lieutenant Fire Fighter, Jim Browne, who gave some safety instructions to prevent exhaustion and heat-stroke.

“Try and stay in the AC as much as you can, the mall is a good place for that,” began Browne. “Stay out of direct sunlight and try to avoid yard work.”

Browne mentioned that young children, people with respiratory problems, and the elderly are especially sensitive to physical burdens from the heat. Children don't tend to realize when they have over-worked themselves and Browne even mentioned cases this summer where people have cut back on AC to save money, but ended up becoming effected by the warmth.

“The ambulance is constantly out to help with heat stroke victims,” warned Browne.

Another great place to stay cool is the Burlington Public Library. Children's Librarian, Shelley Mastalerz commented: “I see a lot of people just coming in for the AC, but we also have a ton of fun programs for kids and adults, plus free Internet.”

Click here for a more in-depth at all you can do at the BPL this summer.

Patch then spoke with Chris Marinucci, Employee at the 198 Cambridge Street Shell Gas Station. Marinucci mentioned, “Gatorade, water and ice sales have gone way up in the past few days.”

Finally, I have two words for you that will surely keep you cool and your stomach satisfied – ice cream. There are three main stops for ice cream in Burlington. Schoolhouse Ice Cream on 216 Cambridge Street, Cold Stone Creamery on 2 Wayside Road, and Haagen -Dazs Ice Cream Shop in the Burlington Mall, each offering their own brand of milky goodness that will surely help you beat the heat this summer.



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