5 Things: Hurricane Sandy Edition

Five things to know today.

Five Things You Need to Know Today" is a Patch column that provides readers with essential, daily information at a glance. 

Today is Monday, Oct. 29. Here are 5 things you need to know:

  • Showers today: Nothing quite like yesterday but according to the National Weather Service we can expect showers today. High temperature enar 68 degrees. Showers likely tonight with a low around 54. 
  • Downed wires: As you head out this morning be aware that there may be downed electrical wires. Even if you can't see sparks, consider any wire as live and do not approach it. 
  • Damaged trees and limbs: If a tree is leaning or broken avoid going near it as it could fall at any time. Make sure children do not play on or near downed trees.
  • Power outages: If you are still without power you can call NSTAR at 800-592-2000 for updates on your area. We will also be posting updates on power outages and resolutions throughout the day so stay tuned to Burlington Patch.
  • Photos: We're putting together an image gallery of the storm's aftermath. Email your pictures to Richard.Hosford@patch.com with a short description of what we're looking at to have them included.



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