Soni Yoga Taches Relaxation, Inner Strength.

Soni and David Anderson, owners of Soni Yoga at 279 Cambridge St., explain the benefits of an ancient practice in the modern world.

A locally-owned yoga studio is offering an oasis of tranquility in a hectic world.

Soni Yoga, at 279 Cambridge St., is named after co-owner and teacher Soni Anderson, who opened the Burlington location six months ago with her husband, David. Soni said that when they opened there was little competition in town and they saw an opportunity.

“There were no yoga studios in this area so we decided to open this one,” Soni explained. “It’s the second studio for Soni and David.”

The first location the coupled opened is in Cambridge and has been there for about three and a half years. Operating these establishments is a dream come true for the owners since yoga practice is so much a part of their lives. This is especially true for Soni, was born in Fiji and grew up was taught yoga throughout her childhood.

Soni has been teaching for eight years. She is certified in Hatha Yoga and yoga therapy as well as being a certified personal trainer. David worked in the corporate world for 20 years as a CIO. He is now a certified yoga teacher and life and career coach. Soni and David met when he was in the United States Peace Corp and they have been married for 33 years.

The type of yoga practiced at Soni Yoga is called Hatha. It’s a form incorporating the breath and meditative poses. Soni Yoga also offers of a variety of other teachings. They teach Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old Indian science of healthy living based of the different types of doshas, or constitutions, of people. They also teach people about healthy lifestyles, including diet advice, David explained. Life counseling, Ayurvedic counseling, skin care, Ayurvedic foods and prayer beads are offered at Soni Yoga.

David is involved in his teaching and practice of yoga. He explained that in yoga, breathing is powerful, although the key to performing some difficult poses is finding balance, the right spot. Conquering a difficult pose is like dealing with a difficult situation in life, we learn to deal with it- without stress, he said. Yoga combines the emotional, mental and physical in its practice. While David or another instructor is teaching they use encouraging statements to motivate students.

“But we don’t lecture,” David said. “These encouraging words give students inspiration to bring their yoga practice to the ultimate level.”

The Hatha Yoga taught and practiced at Soni Yoga is great for physical ailments and for pregnant women, Soni explained. A class is offered just for pregnant women to prepare their bodies for the birth of their child. The instructor is a mother herself and a birthing assistant so she can relate to the birthing experience.

Students attending Soni Yoga are mostly Burlington residents but include working people from many of the surrounding towns. We get to know our students well and worry when we don’t see them, says David.

SoniYoga offers 16 classes a week. Detailed information can be found at www.SoniYoga.com.


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