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Smita's Boutique, Beauty of India in Burlington

Smita's Boutique at 120 Cambridge St., offers a wide variety of services to customers.

Smita Dedhiya, owner of at 120 Cambridge St.,  has a busy day ahead but has some free time before her shop opens for business at 11:00 am. Her husband is on the phone making plans for acquiring the space next door. Massages will be added to their list of services and offered in the new space. This additional space will make Smita’s a full service spa and boutique.

Dedhiya has been in the United States for 12 years and in business for four. Back in India, Dedhiya was a housewife, taking care of her home and children. She had a good life but wanted to get out and work. She went to school to be an esthetician and after completing her schooling started working out of her home and gained many customers. Her friends and customers gave her a lot of encouragement and support.

Moving here presented new challenges and opportunities. The United States was completely new to Dedhiya and her family and they didn’t know anyone; they had no friends or relatives in this country.

It is a requirement in the US to be licensed to offer esthetic services, so Dedhiya went back to school. She attended Catherine Hinds in Woburn.

“This is a very good school” she said. She learned a great deal about esthetics and hygiene and picked up many new tips.

The couple’s first business was located at 279 Cambridge St., up the street from their present location. It was a smaller store. The present location on Cambridge Street is in the same plaza as China Merchandise Grocery, the store and .

Henna can be used as a tattoo agent making designs on the skin; it is also used a natural hair coloring. It is made from the leaves of a plant with no chemicals in it and it covers gray. “It is a nourishing conditioner” Dedhiya states. It doesn’t work well with blonde hair, though. Henna is good for brunettes.

Another specialty of Smita’s Boutique is the scalp treatment. Like henna, this is something not found in too many salons. This treatment is a rejuvenating solution of hot oil and vitamin E and is applied to the scalp. It keeps hair from falling out and is good for the scalp.

The front of Smita’s Boutique is filled with beautiful clothes imported from India. Jayesh Dedhiya, Smita’s husband, explains that they don’t import too much at one time. A new shipment arrives every 2 months. This way they can offer clothing and accessories that are current.  Most other Indian stores get a shipment once a year says Dedhiya. Another key selling feature of Smita’s is their low price point. Many of the same clothing items are sold in department stores at a much higher price.

Although there is a large Indian population in Burlington, Smita’s customers are from many nationalities.  

Customers come from Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine to visit the Boutique.

Smita’s Boutique also offers jewelry. There is a large selection of mostly costume jewelry also imported from India. This is the newest addition to the boutique. The jewelry designs are beautiful and unique.

Dedhiya took part in a jewelry show last weekend at the Crowne Plaza in Newton to promote their jewelry and the boutique. Dedhiya and her husband combine their marketing and esthetic skills in this unique business.

Smita’s Boutique offers threading for eyebrows as well as henna, hair, skin and nail services. More information can be found at www.smitas.com.


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