See What Burlington Health Inspectors Found in Their Restaurant Inspections

The Burlington Health Department recently inspected several restaurants.

Not Your Average Joe's
Not Your Average Joe's

Ever wonder if the restaurant you are eating at abides by health regulations?

Burlington Patch has launched a new feature in which it will provide details on Burlington's restaurant inspection reports. The reports are public record and if inspectors find issues, they follow up with future re-inspections to assure the issue is resolved. If the Board of Health finds repeated problems, it can call them for a hearing with the board. 

These reports are not intended to call out any specific restaurant or to reflect negatively on Burlington businesses. It is meant to provide readers with information on how restaurants perform during the inspections and to give some insight into the work of the health department. The restaurants featured are chosen at random. 

This month's inspections: 

Not Your Average Joe's: Inspected on November 5, 2013. Violations included paper towels missing from locations at the bar and prep area of kitchen, boxes of food items stored on freezer floor - must be six inches off the floor, mops not properly stored to air dry. Other violations include underside of shelves over steam table and vegetable bin has crusted food debris, French fry cutter and surrounding wall are soiled with food debris and splash up and non-food contact surfaces on floor mixer must be cleaned more frequently. 

Chuck E. Cheese: Inspected on November 7, 2013. The only violation found was that an ice scoop found stored on top of ice machine. The restaurant was advised to store scoop in clean, dry container and to clean container daily. Issue corrected on site. 

Subway, 29 B Winn Street: Inspected on November 16, 2013. Violations included a cutting board store on grease trap but was not in use and no grease trap entries logged since June. Restaurant advised to maintain accurate logs. 

Servizio: Inspected November 8, 2013. Violations included sanitizer solution not part of wash, rinse and sanitize process for food contact services and an employee had personal belongings and there was old equipment store in non-working refrigerator with active pest control glue traps. Restaurant advised to clean those areas. During a re-inspection on November 18 all the issues had been resolved. 

Potbelly Sandwich Shop: Inspected on November 14, 2013. Two violation found - a sticky residue from date labels found on several containers and great trop log not complete. Restaurant advised to remove sticky residue and to clean the great trap. On a re-inspection on November 28 all issued were resolved.  

Allan W McCombs January 12, 2014 at 09:00 AM
Nice read, but Burlington has a lot more restaurants than on this list.


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