Roots Yoga Opens with Great Response from Community

Roots Yoga held its opened its doors last Friday with a well-attended grand opening.

Burlington's newest place to stretch, hold positions and find inner balance and tranquility opened its doors last week to a very receptive and enthusiastic crowd.

Roots Yoga, 220 Cambridge Street, , followed by a weekend of free classes, and studio owner Ginger Boermeester said the response from the community exceeded her expectations.

"Friday was a very busy evening and to me it went by really quick," Boermeester told Patch in an interview this week. "It was super well attended. A lot of people from Burlington and surrounding communities came that were interested in seeing the studio, meeting our instructors and celebrating our opening. It really exceeded my expectations."

Boermeester said the free weekend classes were also full and, more significantly, many of the people who tried a class decided to pre-pay for future classes. Roots Yoga offers students the chance to either pay per class or, for a discount, purchase a number of classes beforehand.

"Monday blew my mind," she said. "We had really nicely attended classes and people were signing up. I thought people would just try it, but many signed up for Class Pass Cards." 

Boermeester said many people who came for the opening were impressed with the atmosphere of the studio.

"One person told me the studio 'had an ancient feeling to it,'" she said. "It's a serene place with warm colors and earthy elements. It is a warm and calming space."

Boermeester said there are many positive reasons to practice Yoga. First, there is the physical strength the practice builds and the muscle flexibility people develop. Further, she said practicing Yoga allows participants to calm their minds, find focus and achieve a mental calm. 

"Yoga teaches people how to quiet the chatter in their minds and allow them to relax and soften areas of body where they hold tension," she said. "It teaches them to relax and release stress."

Boermeester also said people interested in learning more of the benefits of Yoga, which go deeper than those listed here, should check out this article on the "77 Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga."

Roots has already gained traction among Patch readers. In our asking readers to name their favorite Yoga studio, Patch users have already begun to sing the studio's praises.

"Love Roots Yoga...just did 5:45am yoga there this morning!," exclaimed reader Adrian Goneau.

"Roots Yoga has an warm, inviting, grounding and intimate feel to it," added Arthur Anderson. "And the floors just make you feel like you are grounded to mother earth.!! A great place to get your yoga on!"


For more information on Roots Yoga visit their website at myrootsyoga.com or visit their Facebook Page.

Below is a list of classes offered at Roots Yoga, taken from the website. Boermeester said new classes, including those for children, will be added shortly. The studio will also hold informational sessions and seminars on healthy living, Reiki healing and nutrition among other topics. There is a nutrition seminar already scheduled for July 11 and more details can be found on Roots Yoga's web site.


For those who have never practiced yoga or for those who have and who are looking for a nice stretch while breaking things back down into basics.   This class will focus on breath work, strengthening, lengthening and less demanding balance poses.

Morning Yoga (all levels)
The perfect way to start your day. Class begins with breath awareness exercises and a few moments of quiet reflection. Some gentle stretching opens the way to a practice of yoga poses to build strength, flexibility and awareness. A moderately demanding class.

Yoga Fitness
This hybrid of yoga and fitness features stretches and exercises to warm strengthen, challenge and tone the entire body. Incorporates core work and powerful strengthening postures for a full body challenge that will leave you feeling both worked and energized.

Power Yoga (not for beginners)
For those of you with an established yoga practice and an understanding of vinyasa (flow) yoga, challenge yourself with 90 minutes of dynamic vinyasa and strengthening yoga.

Slow Flow (all levels)
You will be inspired to deepen your mind-body connection while building strength and flexibility. Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn the basic postures or a more experienced student wanting a slower practice to explore each posture, this class is for you.

Vinyasa Yoga (not recommended for absolute beginners)
This vigorous yoga class focuses on enhancing endurance, strength and flexibility, synchronizing movement with breath while flowing from pose to pose. The pace of the class is slower than some vinyasa classes, but builds heat and intensity through a sustained practice of Sun Salutations and other flowing sequences.   The class begins with seated breath awareness and meditation followed with detailed work on static poses that round out the practice before a final relaxation.

Gentle Yoga (all levels)
This 60-minute gentle yoga class features many floor-based poses and stretches and a few standing poses for strength and balance. If you have injuries or other conditions that require a modified practice, this class may be a valuable asset to your well-being.

Roots on the Road (privates/corporate)
Roots Yoga will come to you.  Whether it is for an in-home private session, or part of your companies wellness programs, Roots offers it’s classes in your space.

Gentle and Chair Yoga (Pathways Yoga Systems) *Pre-registration required
The yoga your doctor has suggested for mobility, range of motion and stress release.  These classes are formatted for people who desire a basic class with detailed instruction. This class is recommended for all those who have never attended a yoga class, would like to have a refresher course, or who prefer to work at a moderate pace.  Everyone works at their own level of ability .  http://pathwaysyoga.com/angelawasson.html

Roots Saplings
We offer various children’s programs and classes.   Whether in our studio, at your after school program, fundraiser, celebration, festival, you name it. The benefits our children gain from incorporating yoga into their lives at a young age are undeniable .   In this digital age of high tech, gaming,  mobile devices, competitive sports, and busy busy on the go, lets go! world, our children as well as our adult population are losing the ability to quiet their minds and stay present due to the constant bombardment and distractions of our always on 24/7 world.   Our Saplings classes will teach our young children the ways to disconnect from it all and bring their attention inward, find their breathe, have fun with yoga postures and poses while allowing them to de-stress, and relax and  rinse from all of their daily routines.


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