Proposed Mercedes Dealership Going to Town Meeting With Planning Board Support

An auto group will be at Town Meeting Monday night to seek approval of a zoning change.

Rendering of proposed Mercedes Dealership at 80-82 Cambridge Street - Courtesy Collection Auto Group
Rendering of proposed Mercedes Dealership at 80-82 Cambridge Street - Courtesy Collection Auto Group
As reported on Burlington Patch, an auto group is looking for a zoning change at tonight's Town Meeting to be able to come to town. 

The Collection Auto Group [CAG], based in Ohio, is looking to build the dealership on the 5.5-acre property at 80-82 Cambridge Street. CAG currently owns 22 dealerships in the Midwest and this would be the group's first in the area. 

"Burlington is the ideal town," CAG founder and Bernie Moreno told Patch in an interview. "I call it a 'super suburb.' It has a mix of everything - it's very accessible, has a great residential area and has great institutions such as the Burlington Mall, Lahey Clinic and Oracle. Burlington was my first, second and third choice." 

Moreno said that creating the plans for Burlington, a town that has much different aesthetics than the Midwest where he has his other dealerships, has been a learning curve. A traditional style dealership wouldn't work in the Corporate Drive Planned Development District he said, something he learned after meeting with members of the Planning Board. He said he had a design in his head but had to revise it after he had an informal meeting with planning members and got feedback from Joseph Impemba. 

Earlier this month the proposal was before the planning board, which voted 5-1-1 to recommend approval of the zoning change to Town Meeting. 

“We are thrilled that our efforts to partner with town residents and officials have resulted in a project that Burlington can be proud of for years ahead,” said Moreno in a release following the meeting.  “This is an important validation of our efforts but only a step towards our goal of gaining the support of Town Meeting on January 27.”

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Bernie Moreno January 27, 2014 at 11:36 AM
We'd like to thank the Town Meeting Members, the Town officials, the citizens of Burlington, and the Planning Board for your support, ideas, and encouragement. We look forward to seeing you tonight at Town Meeting at 7:30 pm at Burlington High School!


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