Have You Seen Burlington's SlowBones on Phantom Gourmet?

The restaurant was spotlighted earlier this year by the popular New England culinary show.

Phantom Gourmet features eateries throughout New England, giving viewers a taste of the region's best foods.

Burlington's SlowBones was among the restaurants documented on the show earlier this year. Have you seen what the experts had to say about the barbecue join?

During the five minute segment, Phantom Gourmet looks at a variety of different meals patrons can dine on at the Mall Road restaurant.

The business is run by Kip Kolow, who was the co-founder of the original Boston Chicken.

"SlowBones is redefining Barbeque for the modern lifestyle," the restaurant said on its website. "With high-quality ingredients, healthy choices and home-style meals, SlowBones offers a fast, affordable and delicious alternative to the standard fare. Join us for a quick lunch, a sit-down dinner or bring a meal home for the family."

In the Phantom Gourmet segment, which originally aired in May, Kolow said he takes most pride in creating dishes for customers whether they are looking splurge or are keeping track of calories.

"We’ve kind of built our menu in a way that people are comfortable feeding their families," said Kolow on Phantom Gourmet. "Usually you go to a barbeque place and it’s somewhere you eat once every so often. Here at SlowBones, you can make choices that honor the way you want to eat."

Watch the Phantom Gourmet segment on SlowBones above, or on the television show's YouTube channel.
Cathy Hofferty July 10, 2014 at 07:02 AM
I am confused. I thought there was a Fishbones restaurant @ Wayside Commons. Is this the same one?


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