Patch Snap: Thank You from People Helping People

Patch Snap is an occasional post that features pictures from around Burlington or Burlington residents out and about.

Welcome to another edition of Patch Snap, where we highlight a picture or pictures of around Burlington or of Burlington residents out and about.

Today's Patch Snap comes from People Helping People, which states:

Gayle Hobgood, Director of the Burlington Community Food Pantry would like to thank Slak Chiropractic Group in Burlington for their generous donation to People Helping People. 

They had a fundraiser for PHP during this past fall. The group has a mural of a tree on the wall of their office.  They offered their clients an opportunity to purchase a leaf to hang on the tree with proceeds going to People Helping People.  

Pictured left to right is Kristen DeLuca, Dr. Jean-Marc Slack, Dr. Linda Slak and Linda Vanderburgh.


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