Eagle Scout Candidate Completes Community Project

A local scout recently completed a new trail in the Landlock Forest.

Eagle Scout candidate Colin Raposo at a Burlington Board of Selectmen meeting
Eagle Scout candidate Colin Raposo at a Burlington Board of Selectmen meeting
Eagle Scout hopeful Colin Raposo was at the Board of Selectmen meeting on Monday to inform the board he had finished his community and leadership project. 

Raposo, a Boy Scout with Troop 10 in Lexington, who working to become an Eagle Scout, the highest rank in the scouts, presented his project idea in January of last year. 

For his project, and to show leadership skills, Raposo proposed to the Burlington Board of Selectmen that he run a volunteer project to move a trail in the Landlocked Forest. The forest also has an entry in Lexington, Raposo's hometown.

According to Raposo the origina, well-used trail was actually located on Mass. Highway Department land. He also said it was much too close to Route 3. 

"The trail is unsafe because it is located on a cliff which falls steeply onto the highway below," Raposo told the board last year. 

Raposo's plan was is to create a new trail, roughly a half-mile in length, 100-200 yards to the west on Burlington property. The area of the project is the south-east part of the forest.

"This trail will be built using techniques used to preserve vegetation while building a sustainable trail avoiding wetlands," he said.

On Monday Raposo told the board he and volunteers had completed the trail in a one-day session in October. 

"Colin did a great job," Town Administrator John Petrin said. "In order to attain Eagle Scout rank he needs to complete a community project. It was also his responsibility to get funding for project."

Selectmen praised Raposo on his work. 

"It was an ambitious undertaking," Selectman Michael Runyan said. "Congratulations on a job well done."

Raposo's parents were also in the audience. 

"He did a fantastic job," his father said. "We're very proud of him." 

Raposo will go in front of the Boy Scout review board on Thursday to see if he will obtain his Eagle Scout ranking.  


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